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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a Type-A anomalous materials container.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large vellum scroll approximately 450 years of age, written in Farsi. Numerous thaumaturgic symbols are embedded throughout the writing. The material is of inconsistent quality compared to works of a similar time period, appearing to be in better condition despite its age.

SCP-XXXX describes the Treaty of Omsk, a peace accord between the Safavid Dynastic Empire and the Daeva Theocratic Empire, written and ratified in 1558. SCP-XXXX contains thirteen clauses dedicated to preventing the outbreak of war between the two powers, as well as several articles listing conditions necessary for the future termination of the treaty. Ten of the thirteen clauses contain anomalous properties as a result of the embedded thaumaturgic symbols: these anomalous properties compel individuals to follow the exact wording of the clauses, and only affect individuals that fulfill specific requirements [See Article V].

Direct knowledge of SCP-XXXX's existence is necessary for its anomalous properties to take effect. Knowledge of the Persian or Daevite civilizations is not needed for individuals to be affected by any of SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties.

The following clauses contain anomalous properties: one article is also anomalous in nature. The content has been modified for the sake of brevity.

Clause II: No individual of Persian or Daeva origin shall knowingly or unknowingly take up arms, with the intent to cause bodily harm or death to an individual of Persian or Daeva origin.

Clause IV: No individual having belonged to, currently belonging to or will belong to the Safavid Dynastic Empire or the Daevite Theocratical Empire are to conduct any form of military action, either small or large in scale, to individuals belonging to either Empire.

Clause VI: The Daevite Theocratic Empire is to refrain from taking persons of Persian origin as slaves. In exchange,

Addendum: On 09/08/2014, Foundation agents tracking POI-9835, a known Marshall, Carter and Dark associate, captured the following conversation with an unknown individual at a Paris cafe.

<Begin Log>

POI-9835: I must admit, I am surprised to see you in such good health.

Unknown: No thanks to yourself.

POI-9835: I have offered you help before.

Unkown: You have offered me trivialities in the hope I would reward you come the resurgence. Do not mistake your charity for genuine brotherhood.

POI-9835: Yet you reach out to me and my people. I have it.

POI-9835 produces a briefcase and hands it to the unknown individual. He does not check the contents.

Unknown: Thank you. Please excuse my earlier attitude; I am used to the groveling and kowtowing of free-riders.

POI-9835: Do not worry about me. I have dealt with your predecessor. You are much more agreeable than she was.

The two do not speak for several minutes.

POI-9835: Why do you keep the peace? At this point it is merely symbolic.

Unkown: Why shouldn't I? I am one against millions. The peace was made in good faith. What gives me the right to alter that?

POI-9835: And what would your comrades think of your inaction?

Unknown: They can afford to wait. Given enough time, they will make their way here. A little patience is necessary.

POI-9835: Necessity breeds change. Look around you; this nation once destroyed yours. Now it is at peace. Your history has yet to be written, but why presume it will be any different?

Unknown: You seem to be under the impression I am able to step away from all of this. No. At some point, my past, present and future will meld with theirs. They will claim it all.

POI-9835: Without you.

Unknown: I do not know yet if I shall celebrate with my brothers and sisters.

POI-9835: You will see them smashed against history. There will be victories, but the book makes it clear; every stopping point is a genocide.

Unknown: Almost a genocide.

POI-9835: I can hardly see the difference.

Both are silent for a while.

POI-9835: And your copy of the treaty?

The unknown individual pats the briefcase.

Unknown: You are rather inquisitive for a middle-man.

POI-9835: Laughs. A middle-man? Oh I'm much more than that.

POI-9835 stands up to leave.

POI-9835: Let me just offer my own opinion; give peace a chance. It might surprise you.

Unknown: In the end, it really isn't up to me, is it?

POI-9835 exits the cafe, entering a waiting car. The unknown individual waits a few minutes, pays, and leaves through the back exit, where Foundation agents are unable to find him.

<End Log>