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Item#: SCP-3188

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3188 has been purchased through the Secure Capital Processing front company, with public access having been fully restricted. Outgoing phone calls associated with the number 954-███-████ are to be tracked, with affected subjects being intercepted upon arrival at SCP-3188 or earlier, if possible. One active landline is to remain connected and monitored at all times. Communications in the region should be monitored for flagged keywords relevant to the anomaly.

Description: SCP-3188 is a nondescript office complex located in Broward County, FL. The interior furnishings have been stripped with the exception of a corded telephone.

SCP-3188-1 is an identified male voice that generates anomalous phone calls from this location to subjects in the surrounding area. Calls can be tracked back to SCP-3188 but no origin of the voice can be located. If no phone lined is connected at SCP-3188, the range and rate of phone calls made increases significantly. Once a subject is contacted they are to be considered an instance of SCP-3188-1-A and monitored until deemed clear.

Generally, affected subjects follow at least one of these criteria:

  1. Unemployed for a period longer than three months
  2. Depressive disorder or otherwise not neurotypical
  3. High school graduates or equivalent with at least some college experience
  4. Limited social interaction with other living beings, either in person or through digital communication.

D-Class personnel have proved problematic when interacting with SCP-3188 due to known unknowns in tracking and recovery. Observational experimentation from civilian population has been tacitly endorsed until further notice. — Director Gillespie

Calls originating from SCP-3188-1 persistently request that the subject answering come into a workplace on short notice. Primarily occurring in early daylight hours, 55% of subjects interviewed have reported being woken by these calls. The voice has been reported as sounding authoritative and several affected subjects have described it as sounding familiar, though no consistent name has been given.

If encountering resistance, the voice has been known to become aggressive, but no direct threats or similar communications have been recorded. Regardless of whether or not the subject agrees to the request, they become affected by SCP-3188 upon the termination of the phone connection.

After answering the call, the subject will be treated as though they are employed by any business which they are located in the vicinity of. Initially, this will extend only to outside persons, but as time progresses, low-level employees and eventually all humans will treat the subject as a low-level employee. Disputes and clashes have been recorded between the affected employees and those with unaltered memories and knowledge that the subject does not work there. This can cause tremendous stress and confusion, occasionally resulting in physical confrontation by non-affected staff.

Within 48 hours of answering the call, the subject will begin to undergo changes to their physical and mental well-being. This accelerates in the event that the subject enters whatever workplace the voice claimed to represent.

  • Increased sensitivity to natural lighting.
  • Craving caffeinated beverages and foodstuffs high in sodium and fat. This will happen regardless of any previous dietary preferences or restrictions, including health reasons such as food allergies.
  • Marked drops in anxiety, depression. Analysis of neurological activity and chemistry following affliction shows readings present that more typical.
  • Enhanced desire to conform with a contemporary professional dress code and hygienic standards.
  • Vocabulary shift towards trending business jargon and buzz terms. "To recap," "loop you in," "low-hanging fruit," "move the needle," "takeaways," "transactions per minute," "circle back,"

**Addendum: On XX/XX/XXXX a subject affected by SCP-3188 was documented entering the anomaly. Foundation personnel began observational testing, a log of the results has been included with this report.

Period Effect
1-2 weeks Subject begins work at SCP-3188. Tasks are generally entry level. Hours typically 9AM-5PM, no more than 40 hours a week. Subjects have marked improved outlook on life and engage well with other humans. Subjects will not be added to payroll during this period. If pressed for details, subjects will deflect with comments about payment still being set up, or other variants, and just being "happy to finally have work."
3-6 weeks Work at SCP-3188 continues. Workload noticeably increases. Hours typically extended and fluctuate. Typically 8AM-7PM, averaging 60 hours a week. No pay is received during this period. If pressed for details, subjects become defensive and aggressive. Reported increases in agitation with contacts outside of work SCP-3188. Work assignments often brought home.
7-12 weeks Work at SCP-3188 continues. The subject will now spend majority of time at SCP-3188. No pay is received during this period. Contact with family members and friends outside of work is greatly diminished. Noted aggression towards non-SCP-3188 and non-business related attempts at communication. Workload increases, with no clear end to when the subject is on the clock. Most beginning sleeping under their desk or similar structure at SCP-3188.
6-12 months Subject stays within SCP-3188 for all hours of the day. All waking hours are spent working, with subjects multitasking through non-work activities such as eating. No pay is received during this period. Given access to a seating, subjects will remain seated. The effects of long periods of immobility, such as loss of muscle strength and endurance, and bone weakening, are all noted during this period. Subjects with access to a phone line will now begin to make phone calls similar to SCP-3188-1, though with a lower success rate. New instances of SCP-3188-1-A begin to displace traditionally hired employees at the location. Communications with the subject are ignored unless made in regards to SCP-3188. Diet consists of large amounts of sugary and caffeinated drinks and food brought in by new SCP-3188-1-A recruits. Despite the decline in health, finances, social contacts, and increasing workload, subjects reported high satisfaction with SCP-3188 and expressed thanks to SCP-3188-1 for recruiting them.
1-3 years Testing ongoing.

Subject Interviews

Calls made to the number 954-███-████ are not answered and do not connect with landlines inside SCP-3188. Phones used by SCP-3188-1-A for recruitment do not possess anomalous properties.

Subjects who are intercepted before entering SCP-3188 have the greatest chance of recovering from the influence of SCP-3188-1 and rehabilitation without incident. 99% success rate with Amnestic-A if administers within first 48 hours.

Subjects recruited but unable to access SCP-3188 run the risk of being contacted during the first 48 hours one more time by SCP-3188-1 with a reported increase in aggression towards subject about recruitment. Subjects will make more desperate effort to access SCP-3188 and display greater distress when unable. After the second phone call administered Amnestic-A have a 55% success rate.

Subjects cut off from SCP-3188 but not given amnestics and not contacted again by SCP-3188-1 will repeatedly attempt access to SCP-3188 but if sufficiently discouraged will give up on their own.

Subjects cut off from SCP-3188 during the identified periods working at SCP-3188 have success rates as follows:

Period Success Rate with Amnestic Success Rate without Amnestic
1-2 weeks 80% 60%
3-6 weeks 65% 30%
7-12 weeks 25% 9%
6-12 months 5% 0%
1-3 years 0% N/A

Subjects removed from SCP-3188 after over a year of working suffer extreme distress and rapid health loss.

If subjects who have been working at SCP-3188 for longer a 6 week period or longer are cut off from SCP-3188, they become at risk for seeding a new SCP-3188 location, now designated SCP-3188-2. Often positioning themselves as a start-up or branch of SCP-3188, subjects will begin to furnish the new location as an office, regardless of the spaces original use.

Subjects that progress through to 1-3 years have a much higher rate of recruitment over the phone, though "transfers" between SCP-3188 and SCP-3188-2 have been recorded. Transferred subjects will aid in work at SCP-3188-2 and attempt to expand the office space as well.

the place the calls come from 3188
the voice making the calls 3188-1
the people getting the calls and being affected 3188-1-A
the new companies that spring up 3188-2

Foundation experiments with D-class, failing this, with civilians. Testing causes them to become mindless workers and are best utilized if given assignments in the Foundation and denied chairs.

A phone number that calls people and recruits them for a new business. targets the unemployed, the underemployed, and the miserable. Offers them a job, can't have a criminal background so D-Class don't get called. People