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Item #: SCP-PM [[PM in place of SCP number until posted]]

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PM-1, SCP-PM-1-a1, and SCP-PM-1-a2 are to be stored in a medium-security locker in Anomalous Electronics storage unit. When not actively being tested, items is to be powered down, and disconnected from power. Once a week personnel will plug the power adapters into a small dedicated generator to ensure the batteries remain charged. The storage locker will be shielded to prevent the GPS component from being able to access location.

Experimentation on SCP-PM must never be conducted while connected to an external network, either Wi-Fi or mobile data. The global positioning system component of SCP-PM objects must have data access to function. SCP-PM will not function in an area where the GPS system is unable to establish a connection to satellite.

It is unknown if SCP-PM-3 entities present any threat. At the moment the only known form on containment is by using SCP-PM-2, in conjunction with either SCP-PM-1, or a similar device using the SCP-PM-1 software, GPS, and digital camera an infected mobile device SCP-PM-1-A.

Currently SCP-PM-2 is unable to be contained. It has spread worldwide, and has infected over 100 million mobile devices as of August, 2016, with at least 20 million active instances of SCP-PM-1-A. Containment may be impossible at this point due to widespread public knowledge and popularity. Mobile Task Force Θ-7 (“Gotta Catch ‘em All”) has been reassigned to the containment of SPC-PM. A disinformation campaign is underway in an attempt to make it less desirable to the general public, yet popularity of the application has continued. Elements of MTF Gamma-5 (“Red Herrings”) is assisting with keeping the public unaware of SCP-PM’s anomalous properties.

SCP-PM presents a particular danger to the Foundation, in that location based SCPs, such as SCP-176, instances of SCP-1698, and SCP-358, appear as points of interest in the application on mobile devices. Civilians are attracted to these locations, presenting the possibility of trespassing, containment breaches, and a heightened use of amnestics. It has been determined that locations chosen by SCP-PM-2 are places of increased spectral activity. The locations appear to attract instances of SCP-PM-3, such as churches, religious locations, monuments, and other landmarks. The criteria for choice of these locations have not been identified, but theorized they are places where people have died in the past. Few of these locations are anomalous or worthy of investigation.


SCP-176 as it appears in SCP-PM-1-a1.

Addendum PM-1: Foundation personnel using SCP-PM during operations is forbidden without O5 approval. SCP-PM detects far too many spectral entities to be useful in finding actual SCPs, and we do not want to continue to feed this thing. Unauthorized use will be punished by demotion. Active users of SCP-PM for recreational purposes will be terminated.

Description: SCP-PM-1 is a device made up of various outdated computer components, a 1996 Sony brand digital camcorder, a Guidestar GPS navigation system from a 1995 Oldsmobile, with a touchscreen color CRT monitor. They are put together in bulky, yet portable fashion. It can be carried and used with a shoulder strap. In use, the battery can last up to three hours. It uses a typical laptop power adapter with a polarized NEMA-1 plug and six feet of power cord to recharge. The components do not appear to be anomalous in and of themselves. The wireless LAN component of SCP-PM-1 has been disabled.

This device is connected through unknown means to the entity SCP-PM-2. Doctor Pine theorizes the connection is similar to how some spectral entities are tied to a haunted house, or other SCP items. SCP-PM-2 is an intangible spectral entity, according to documentation retrieved during the raid in which SCP-PM was acquired. Attempts to recreate the thaumaturgy involved in the creation of SCP-PM in other items, aside from simply copying the software, have failed. It is unknown if each instance of SCP-PM-1 is connected to the same SCP-PM-1 instance, or if there each is a separate entity.

When SCP-PM-2 senses a nearby entity, referred to as SCP-PM-3, it will appear in a radial display that shows the relative direction and range to the other entity. The display shows SCP-PM-2 at the center as a 16-bit character sprite, with concentric circles radiation outward like a radar. When an instance of SCP-PM-3 is within the range of the largest circle, approximately 40 meters, touching the SCP-PM-3 sprite on the display will switch the view to the attached digital camera.

The camera view will show all non-anomalous items and persons in real time, as well as the instance of SCP-PM-3 if the camera is pointed directly at it. SCP-PM displays SCP-PM-3 as an animated sprite of low quality (16-bit), and it is unknown how SCP-PM determines what image to use to represent each instance of SCP-PM-3.

Acquisition PM-A:

Persons of interest, known only as J█████ and J████, Giovanni Sakaki, and Professor Willow are still at large.

Addendum PM-2:

Document PM-a

Retrieved during acquisition of SCP-PM

"Mister Giovanni Sakaki,

We’ve completed the Catcher, and it works! The use of Psychic and Electric type creatures to bind a Ghost type to the device worked, just as you said. It’s genius. Capture tests are proceeding better than expected, and we have been able to transfer excess ones to you. You will have more than enough to complete your plans.

Unfortunately, agents J█████ and J████ have gotten the attention of local authorities. I’ll have to do something about them soon if they can’t behave.
-Professor Willow"

Test Log SCP-PM—01a:

Addendum PM-3: On July 6, 2016, request to upgrade SCP-PM to keter was approved. Efforts to track town the GOI Interest T███ R█████ are highest priority, as the version of SCP-PM available to the public is notably upgraded from the original.

Test Log SCP-PM-01b: Appearance of other SCPs when viewed through SCP-PM:

SCP: SCP-PM Identifier: Notes:
SCP-293 affected object Hypno Request to O5 Command to use SCP-PM as a means to neutralize SCP-293 affected objects. Request Granted.
SCP-080 Jigglypuff
SCP-1057 Gyrados
SCP-1219 Victreebel When the D-class whistled along and was subsequently flayed to death, SCP-PM displayed “Victreebel used Vine Whip. It’s Super Effective”
SCP-126 Jynx Refer to Test Log SCP-PM—01a: Test 5 for results.
SCP-1299-1 Tentacruel There was no indicator of SCP-PM-3 in the area until after SCP-1299 was filled with water.
SCP-1775 Gastly or Haunter SCP-1775-X instances mostly appeared as Gastly, though on nights when they deviate from their recorded behavior, they appear as a Haunter.
SCP-183 Beedrill Surprisingly, the Beedrill instance of SCP-PM-3 was surrounded by a large number or Weedle and Kakuna within containment. Requests to update security procedures for SCP-183.
SCP-1852-1 Magnemite Due to similarities, it is possible that SCP-1852 and SCP-PM were created in a related manner. SCP-1852-1 refused to discuss SCP-PM with Doctor Banyan, ended communicating, and has refused all dialogue with Doctor Banyan since.
SCP-2202 Porygon
SCP-2202-1 Bellsprout Doctor K█████ claimed she could sense SCP-PM-2 watching her "like a predatory beast, with a hunger."
SCP-2240-2 Gengar SCP-2240-1 reported that SCP-2240-2 became angry and fearful of SCP-PM-2, though SCP-2240-1 could not see it. It has been suggested that SCP-PM could be used as a deterrent to continued abusive behavior on the part of SCP-2240-2. Request Denied.
SCP-2271-2 Meowth Observed while repossessing items belonging to an SCP-2271-A subject.
SCP-254-1 Clefairy, Clefable, and Slowpoke Over the course of a month, SCP-254-1 “evolved” from a Clefairy to a Clefable. After 32 days, SCP-254-1 instead appeared as a Slowpoke, upon degradation of work performance. While SCP-PM was focused on SCP-254-1, subject became agitated and refused to work, claiming it was a hostile work environment.
SCP-2605-1 Chansey Nurse Joy █████ denied request to focus SCP-PM on SCP-2605-1, due to concerns for the health and wellbeing of SCP-2605.
SCP-640 Voltorb and Electrode Request put in to use SCP-PM as a means to neutralize instances of SCP-640. Request granted.
SCP-885 Koffing
SCP-178 Kabutops Refer to Test Log SCP-PM—01a: Test 8 for results.