SCP-XXXX – Jackalope

Item Number – 3767

Object Class – Euclid

Special Containment Procedures – While the SCP does not seem to possess great intelligence, testing has been very inconclusive due to its properties. SCP-3767 does not seem to be inclined to escape, which is lucky as the anomalous properties of SCP-3767 make keeping it contained against it’s will very tricky. Security should always be in groups of two or more and must always be double checking everything each of them does. Do not carry firearms while close to the creatures. Lace less shoes should be worn. As small a number of complex items on your person as you reasonably can. Never act aggressively towards them. Most importantly, never have any open wounds or blood on you.

Item Description – SCP-3767 is an anomalous species of Lagomorph, similar to the American "fearsome critter" known as the jackalope. Colorization is varied, but within normal fur colors of rabbits indigenous to the area. It is not overly intelligent and does not put a great deal of effort in escaping from containment. The Jackalope is carnivorous and a scavenger. It never directly attacks its prey, but merely follows its target until it dies. Breeding rates are much lower than normal rabbits, but they have a much higher level of survival, at least regarding predator animals. The animals also have a distinctive noise, in what was described as “A snigger, if rabbits could laugh. Look at them, they’re laughing at us.” New intel on their behavior has called some researchers to question if they are in fact intelligent, but as there is little way to test them that will also take into account their luck-based properties, it remains inconclusive.

How the Jackalopes defend themselves and attack their prey is by manipulating luck. The animals seem to exude a field of bad luck around themselves, and anyone in range of them will have bad luck to an almost comical extent. Shoelaces will be untied, guns will jam and things will constantly seem to go wrong. The Jackalopes were only captured by leading them into a fenced in pen close to where they were first located and then keeping them well fed. They do not seem to be inclined to escape, but some guards have begun to report an almost mischievous if not malevolent attitude by the Jackalopes. Whenever someone falls or has a equipment malfunction, several Jackalopes are always seen nearby, watching, giving their distinctive call and then bounding off after.

Early experiments were done with the Jackalopes involving dice and pieces of buffalo meat, which seems to be their favorite food. The researchers stated that every time they rolled a six, they would toss a piece of meat into the pen. After 10 straight rolls of 6, the researcher switched out the dice with a loaded one. On the first roll, the dice accidently fell off the table and onto the ground. When the researcher bent down to retrieve it, a large spider crawled on top of it. The researcher startled backwards, knocking the tray of meat into the pen. Their distinctive cry was heard as the Jackalopes ate the meat. All further tests halted to prevent an escape.