The Crystallization by Tora Cyro

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Eulid

Site and Personnel Requirements
This object is to be contained in a glass and lead container with in a radius of 20x20. Can only be approached by people over 40 years old, the container must be cleaned once a month with special equipment example; hazmat suits, bleach and ammonia. after the exposure all personnel must clean themselves and go on heavy psychological testing, if they show any signing off mental stress they have to take a least 2 month de-stressing.
It looks like an dragon and tiger hybrid statue made out of amethyst crystal and copper wires, the statue is 35 cm tall and weights 2 kilos. material inside the crystal cant be psychical touched without gloves and protective.
Dr.Helen[DATA EXPUNGED] told us later that it likes to move around in the container, as specially younger people, and it makes animal noises to attract children, then move on to using telepathy-like abilities and slowly drain them for iron and plasma from the bloodstream, when exposed more than 3 hours, the subject will be in coma and the 'statue' have become a living animal as seen in the records and documentation.
we still haven't got a good look and Researchers on it.
All other experiments we tried have failed:
-recorder and sound recorder inside the containment got twisted in crystal and metal.
-subjects over 40 years up on touching the object got burned and twisted in crystal and metal and decomposed into organic mass, only remaining is blood plasma.
-subjects less than 3 years old has no abnormally effects on them, the statue only display in poses of sitting and watches the subjects.
-We 'fed' the statue, placed a 4 year old subject into the containment, abnormally was reach out to smell the subject and dances around, before it goes back in normal state.
-no abnormal effect around 10 years old D-class. no movements.

successful experiment
-We put a 20 year old D-class subject with camera and recorder on him and let him walk into the chamber, the statue begin growling as the subject walked in, we asked the subject to ask the statue standard questions:

D-class: '' do you have a name? ''
SCP: '' -growling voice- What do you mean with 'name'? ''
D-class: '' uhm, help. please. i feel very uncomfortable… ''
Scientist: '' keep on asking the questions. ''
Subject looking on the papers and looks nervous.
D-class: '' w-where did you come from…? ''
SCP: '' i have no memories of it, we just waked up lots of times, many of my subjects gifted me there offsprings to look over! -growls loudly- WE might do that with you! ''
D-class: '' what is your purpose‘?’'
SCP: '' DEFEND! -unidentified mumbling- ''
D-class: '' what is it you defending? ''
SCP: '' innocent lifes…they..need it. -growls- ''
D-class: '' is there more than just you? ''
SCP: -no respond-
D-class: uhm, i feel dizzy, its really warm in here. ''
SCP: -unidentified mumbling-
Subject keeps on recording the statue, but shakes more and more.
D-class: '' c-c-can i go out from this cell now? ''
SCP: '' kill, kill, kill… kill…kill… KILL!!! ''
D-class subject screams and video recording stops.

Additional This object also been found in a cave north of (blank) , Norway. discovered by Dr. Helen[DATA EXPUNGED] and Researcher [REDACTED] , they were decomposed, ████████████ , as █████ , It moves at it own when foundation personnel walked near it, they secured the statue from the bright cave it was found. one anomaly found was Researcher and Dr. Helen found later that day on top of The Foundation container without remembering where they were taken too as the truck shipped it back to The Foundation.


We found a recording near [REDACTED], 13:00 in Norway. a body were found, no trace of injuries or harm, it seems to just be covered in this metallic dust. '' Hi, i have a report do discuss, there's some activity going on in a cave located [REDACTED] in Norway, about 2 kilometer away from this location its some kind of crystals appearing around this. and lots of metallic material found on people's houses and indoors. i dont know whats going on! but, kids and animals also disappearing. nowhere to be found. God sake! My kid! My wife! their gone! You know, Please help us! M-my name is [REDACTED] and i just wanna get away here's my number [REDACTED]''