Please note: All credit for the original SCP 582 story goes to DJoric, who can be found on the SCP foundation wiki at

The following is a collection of auditory/visual excerpts of MTF ETA-10’s encounter with SCP-582, the following of which are restricted to staff at Level 4 clearance or higher. Due to the large amount of information that has been publicized against supression efforts, operations of this type MUST be approved by 05 council with only small Mobile Task Force units.



On the date of [█████] 2014, a large anomaly in the town of [█████] in [█████] was reported by foundation embedded units of MTF IOTA-10. This anomaly later identified to be SCP-582 or a derivative thereof was seen in a small forested area local to said town. Due to the proximity of the anomaly to the town, MTF Unit ETA 10 was dispatched immediately to attempt containment or removal from local area.

NOTE: MTF Unit ETA-10 specializes in the investigation, acquisition, and initial containment of objects or entities exhibiting visual cognitohazards, visual memetic agents, or otherwise require indirect or alternative observation in order to safely handle. All members of the dispatched ETA-10 unit were equipped with SCRAMBLE equipment attached to ballistic headgear via a visor, as well as Scranton Reality Anchoring Devices. Scranton Reailty Anchors or SRAs are powerful machines used to impede or otherwise nullify [█████] effects on reality from certain SCP's.

Description: SCP-582 is an adaptive, self-propagating meme in the form of an entity most often referred to as ████████. SCP-582’s primary ability is passive reality modification. Any fictional account written about SCP-582 will become a factual record of a manifestation of the entity, in which SCP-582 will carry out all actions attributed to it in the narrative. These manifestations will happen at whatever time and place is specified: if no specific location or time is given, the manifestation will occur at any opportunity that will meet the narrative’s criteria.

ADDENDUM 582-1B: Due to the high level infohazard and cognito/memetic abilities of this entity, Teams are equipped with standard Law Enforcement issue ‘Taser’ units, meant to pacify a fellow MTF unit in the event they were to fall under the control of a memetic hazard or cognitohazard.
The following logs were taken from the members of the team’s audio/visual equipment, which is remotely recorded at Site-[████████] for safety reasons.



ETA-L: “Alright guys. IOTA just ran a message to us that the [██████████] was spotted in this forest about a kilometer or so from our current position. This thing’s a meme, so make sure your SCRAMBLE gear is going. I don’t need any of you turning the gun on me.”
ETA-2: “Copy. You heard the man guys, check your SCRAMBLE gear.”

ETA-3: “Check …Good.”

ETA 4: “Mine’s good.”

ETA 2: “Good here. Alright lead, we’re all good here.”

ETA-L “Copy, let’s head in. Remember, we don’t know if this thing’ll even care about us. It’s out here because someone wrote about it, and is probably out here to. If we encounter a subject, detain him and administer [█-████ █████] On the other hand, if we encounter SCP-582, deploy the SRA devices. Nobody knows if they work on this thing, but that’s our job to find out. Let’s move.”

The team moves in relative silence for roughly 400 meters before reaching what is pictured as a small river with a bridge. At this point, visual interference is observed on ETA 2 and ETA 3’s recording devices. No other anomalies are observed for about five minutes, at which point the Team reaches the reported area of the sighting and begins their sweep to retrieve the SCP-582-1 subject or SCP 582 itself.

ETA Lead’s camera suddenly turned to face a humanoid entity, assumed to be [█████-█]. The entity resides at roughly 100 meters away from team. ETA Lead’s visor automatically registered a powerful cognitohazard, which was filtered out. ETA lead’s camera then turned to his team members.

ETA-L: “Hey, I got something. No, be quiet. Get over here.”

Light shuffling is heard from the microphones of both ETA-L and ETA-3.

ETA-2: “Copy, on my way.”

ETA-3 is seen behind ETA Lead, his visor also filtering the hazard.

ETA-3: “On you lead. Command, advise we have contact with possible SCP-582 instance.”

SiteCommand: “We copy, attempt to apprehend.”

ETA-3: “Copy that. Wait, where the hell’s Ross?”

ETA-L: “Checking now.”

ETA Lead keys his radio and attempts to contact ETA-4 “Ross”

ETA-L: “Ross, you hear me? Four, do you read?”

ETA-L: “Can’t raise him. Site command, can you confirm Ross’s position?”

SiteCommand: “Checking now, wait one.”


Site command checks Ross’s equipment, also attempting to contact him. ETA-4 does not respond. ETA-4’s camera shows a set of trees and the sky.

SiteCommand: “ETA Lead, ETA-4 appears to be incapacitated, we cannot raise him on com, how copy, over?”


In the unknown amount of time between this silence on the Team’s radio, their cameras all begin to act as though they have taken large amounts of physical damage and have what appears to be the [██████████] on screen. Eventually, they all go black for a short time before showing the Team’s positions as normal. ETA-L is seen to be standing and engaging a tall humanoid entity, which is confirmed to be an entity of SCP-582.

ETA-L: “There’s ross! Pick him up and drag him back!
More gunshots.
ETA-3 “Copy, I got him!”

ETA-2 “Covering, move him now!”

ETA-3 puts his weapon down next to the unconscious body of ETA-4. He picks him up and throws him over his shoulder, slightly altering the point of view of his camera. ETA-3 moves ETA-4 back roughly 20 meters before sitting him down against a tree and beginning basic medical procedures to attempt to wake him up.

The gunfire eventually stops, and the radios go silent.
SiteCommand: “ETA lead, status.”

ETA-L: “Yeah, lead here. Something’s after us. It looks like a 582 entity, real fuckin’ tall and lanky. We magdumped the thing but all it did was disappear.”

SiteCommand: “Copy, continue with recovery.”

ETA Lead moves back to ETA 2 and 3 who are busy attempting to awake ETA-4. ETA-4 “Ross” eventually wakes up from what was assumed to be the effects of a cognitohazard.

ETA-L: “Ross, you alright?”

ETA-4: “I …Think so?”

ETA-2: “What the fuck happened?”

ETA-4: “Don’t know. [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] popped up on my visor and I was out like a goddamn light.”

ETA-3: “Shit. Probably the same thing we just shot at. Site command, please advise. SCRAMBLE may be ineffective against SCP-582. We got a man that just got knocked out from looking at it.”

SiteCommand: “Copy, attempting to upload an update to your visors now. Will notify when it’s complete.”
ETA-L: “Copy that. Let’s go guys. Ross, can you stand?”

ETA-4: “Yeah, I’m good.”

ETA-4 Picks his weapon up and begins to follow the rest of his team members.

SiteCommand: “Upload is complete. Please restart your visors.”

Team follows as instructed and restarts their SCRAMBLE gear with the applied update.
The team goes unimpeded for roughly 10 minutes before ETA lead speaks again.
ETA-L: “Hold up, I got a house, my front. Command, you got my feed?”

SiteCommand: “That is affirmative Lead, please continue.”

ETA-L: “Copy command, moving no-Hold on, have contact with a human. He-just moved into a house. He’s wearing a blue hoodie and black jeans. Looked to be brown haired. Any info, command?”

SiteCommand: “Nothing on possible 582-1 at this time.”
ETA-L: “Copy, moving to apprehend. Carelton, Olsen, pull rear security. Ross, on me.”

ETA-2: “Got you.”

ETA-4: “On it.”

The team continues to the building. Once at the front door, Ross kicks the door down and rushes in with his weapon-mounted light on. Kesler follows in behind him, searching the various open doorways that they move passed.

ETA-4: “Clear!”

ETA-L: “Cle-Shit!” Gunshots

ETA-L is seen to be engaging a tall, blackened entity at very close quarters. ETA-3 enters in the hallway behind him and begins firing as well.

ETA-L: “Ross, the fucking anchor, quick!”

ETA-4: “Alright, I got it, hold on!”

ETA-4 produces a Scranton Reality Anchor from a pouch on his utility belt. He activates the devices and tosses it down the hallway. The device stops close to the entity, and activates, sending a ray of red light and pressure throughout the house, shattering windows near ETA-L. The entity seems unaffected by device at first, but quickly becomes entangled in the pressure of the air as the reality is reset around it. The entity disappeared and caused an explosive-like detonation that caved in various walls around the house. Communication from the team at this point became erratic.



ETA-L “Sh- Static. “Ross, where are you?”

SiteCommand: “ETA Lead, please report status.”

ETA-L’s radio produces static.

SiteCommand: “Lead, please report status.”
ETA-2: “This is Carleton, the whole fucking house just exploded on the outside. I still have comms with Ross and Kesler, they’re alright. They’re stuck in there, though.”
At this point, ETA-L and ETA-4’s comms and cameras become active fully again, and they manage to crawl out of the rubble and move into a less-disturbed part of the house. Ross and Kesler encounter a human figure who is laying on the floor dead. He has several high-velocity wounds from pieces of the house caving in on him. There is a paper clutched in his left hand, as well as a pencil on the ground next to it.

ETA-L: “Ah shit, what is this? SiteCommand, I’ve got a body. Fits the description of the guy we saw come in here earlier.”

SiteCommand: “Copy, please advise that if the subject is deceased, recovery is not required and will be handled by local authorities.”
ETA-L: “Copy, I-“

ETA-4: “Hey, the fuck’s he holding?”

ETA-L: “Oh, uh..”

ETA-L’s camera turns from the body to the member behind him, then back to the body.

ETA-L: “Looks like a paper to me. I’ll have a look.”

ETA Lead proceeds to pry the paper out of the hands of the unidentified corpse, raising it up to the height of his camera. Site command reads the paper along with ETA-L.

ETA-L: “Command, are you seeing this too?”
SiteCommand: “Yes, we are. Advise you exfil immediately.”

ETA-L: “This shit’s detailing out everything we just did. Worst bit is it’s still going. Hold on.”

ETA-4: “The fuck? What is this, inception?”

ETA-L: “No, 582 dictates that whatever people write about it, it becomes reality. So this guy knew about the [█████] AND 582. I’d advise you get Gamma-5 in this area and start preforming checks on people to make sure this shit about us didn’t get out.”

SiteCommand: “Acknowledged, Gamma 5 is being alerted now and is being deployed. They’ll be there by tomorrow. Out.”

The ETA-10 team regroups with each other and begins to extract from the area, under the knowledge of the data on the paper recovered.

ADDENDUM 582-1C: The paper states a more basic set of information than that of which is featured in this log, however it is concurrent with the Team’s mission at this time. The paper read that “after the explosion, the team would try to leave but it would not [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED]
A light whistling can be heard on each team member’s audio equipment, identified as a police siren.
ETA-3: “Shit, here come the police. SiteCommand, any advice would be fucking lovely.”
SiteCommand: “Authorities are likely responding to the gunshots. Avoid them and Gamma-5 will deal with the information.”

ETA-3: “Copy, let’s go.”

The team sprints for roughly a kilometer before reaching the civilian vehicle they entered in. ETA-L, ETA-2, ETA-3 and ETA-4 are all accounted for and they drive off in the direction of a semi-local foundation armory. On the way, they are intercepted by local police. The MTF unit “Gamma-5” was about 50 kilometers away in another city at that point. ETA-10 was engaged by police, in which point roughly 400 rounds were fired between Law Enforcement and MTF ETA-10 unit. The video shows that ETA-4 Ross, the driver, was shot and rendered unconscious from a round impacting his helmet. The vehicle impacted a Law Enforcement vehicle and the front most end of the vehicle was crushed in, killing ETA-4 “Ross” The remaining units ETA-2, ETA 3 and ETA-L disembark from the vehicle and return fire against Law Enforcement. Two minutes into the firefight, the SWAT unit from a close by county pulled in with two trucks loaded with units. ETA-L’s camera shows them dismounting from an armored vehicle and opening fire on the team. At this point, ETA-L receives a 5.56 AP round to the chest and lower lung. ETA-L “Kesler” was killed at this point. ETA-2 and 3’s video feeds are both still active as they engage law enforcement. ETA-2 and 3’s video feed showed them continuing to fight for 5 minutes before they run out of ammunition. ETA-2 stands up with his hands in the air, but is struck by a round from the SWAT unit. ETA-2 falls back and his camera equipment is damaged, cutting the feed.

ETA-3: “I’m out of ammo, don’t fucking shoot, please!”

ETA-3 is seen raising his hands above his head and standing slowly. His camera shows the SWAT unit of roughly 6-8 people advancing on him.

Incoherent yelling is heard as the SWAT team advances on ETA-3, and his equipment is deactivated.

NOTE: It is unknown at this time whether ETA-2 was killed or was apprehended by police as well.

ADDENDUM 582-1D: Research on SCP-582 or assignments of MTF units has been suspended pending 05 review of this incident. Anyone found researching SCP-582 or it’s derivatives will be subjected to swift punishment and risk of demotion to L2/L1.

ADDENDUM 582-1C: REVIEW LOG: 05 [█████]


05 Command [████████] interviews Dr.Marks who was in charge of the operation at the time of the SCP-582 incident.

05 [█████]: If you will, please explain to me the status of the two remaining members of the ETA-10 team.

Dr. Marks: We have been given confirmation from MTF IOTA-10 and Gamma-5 that there were indeed survivors. ETA-3 is currently in custody at [██████] and ETA-2 is in a hospital in the same area in critical condition.

05 [█████]: Good. I'm glad to hear it. If we can get another unit on rescue and recovery within the week, I'll see to it that you keep your position, doctor.

Dr. Marks: Of course, sir.