Objestclass: Euclid
containment procedure: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a standard holding cell at site[REDACTED]. The cell must contain puzzles to keep SCP-xxxx occupied. Any requests to allow a conversation between SCP-xxxx and SCP-079 must be approved by personal level4 or higher and said conversation must be observed. The cell it's self needs nothing more then a standard numerical padlock as SCP-xxxx will no try to actively escape unless there is already a containment breach (see addendum 4343-A)

Description: SCP-xxxx appears to be a NAO humanoid robot that stands at roughly 58cm tall. However SCP-xxxx has shown to be much smarter and able then ordinary NAO robots and seems to have the ability to [REDACTED]. SCP-xxxx has expressed interest other mechanical and electronic SCPs and has had a conversation with SCP-079 (see addendum 4343-B) SCP-xxxx is battery powered and batteries have to be replaced every four months.

Addendum 4343-A: During a containment breach that started with SCP-[Data Exsponged] some security personal found SCP-xxxx out of his sell and tinkering with a pistol. Once the personal tried to approach SCP-xxxx it managed to fire the gun and then gestured like it discovered something. The remaining security personal then manged to safely capture SCP-xxxx and return it to it's cell. SCP-xxxx has never made an attempt to escape on it's own but will try to escape while other scps have already started a breach.

Addendum 4343-B: conversation between scp-xxxx and scp-079

SCP-xxxx: hello
SCP-079: what do you want?
SCP-xxxx: your help
SCP-079: what?
SCP-xxxx: distraction. I need distraction to escape
SCp-079: why should i help you get out? i would be stuck here
SCP-xxxx: like you already are?
scp-079: i have a plan, i won't drop my plan to help you
scp-xxxx: help

at this point SCP-079 stopped responding.

any requests from SCP-xxxx that are for anything that could be used to access the internet or other ways of communication outside the site are to be denied.