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Item Number: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe

Object #: XXX
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is kept in a standard-size minor anomaly locaker. SCP-XXX shall not be removed without the approval of one Level-3 clearance or higher.
SCP-XXX was recovered in an abandoned optical shop on the small island of XXX in the village of XXX after an earthquake which reduced the island to rubble. It was the only pair of glasses that was found undamaged. It was in its case, protected underneath an embroidered pillow with the words “Be Happy in Insanity” stitched in red to the front.

Item Description: SCP-XXXX is a modified pair of brown "Wayfarer" sunglasses manufactured by the Ray-Ban company. When a subject places SCP-XXX in front of their eyes, affected enter a pattern of behavior classified as SCP-XXX-1.

SCP-XXX-1 is marked

and their mood instantly improves, regardless of what mood they were in before. Subjects will begin to sporadically sing and skip and hop, extolling on the wonderful virtues of being alive. This will go on indefinitely until the subject eventually bursts into song, singing at the top of their lungs, “Happy Together,” by The Turtles.
At the end of the song, the subjects promptly remove the glasses and instantly become blinded, yet do not seem unhappy in the least with their condition.
Addendum XXXX-01: In subsequent recovery missions in the town of XXX, it was learned that the country of XXX, in February, 1967 emptied all their asylums and centers for the criminally insane and send them to the island XXX. Coincidentally, that is the year The Turtles released Happy Together.
To this day, no one knows what has happened to any of the inhabitants and none have been seen or recovered in subsequent recovery missions.
Addendum XXX-02: After further testing of the thread used in the embroidered pillow, it appears the thread was colored with human blood. DNA testing is commencing.