Towerwatch: Victory Everlasting
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Object class: Keter

Special Containment procedures: All materials containing written scripture of SCP XXXX are to be destroyed on sight regardless of where or upon what it is present. As it stands, the only safe way to observe the scripture is in typed text or an audio playback. Foundation presonnel who quote the scripture outside of expressed interest of maintaining any relevant audio logs are to be quarantined and administered amnestics. Foundation personnel reciting scripture as requested by researchers are to undergo psychological evaluation and be administered amnestics if deemed necessary.

Instances of SCP XXXX-1 are to be terminated immediately or quarantined if possible due to their infectious nature. Prolonged periods of quarantine are ill advised as it allows instances of SCP XXXX-1 to create more instances of SCP XXXX. Physical contact with SCP XXXX-1 is not as immediately fatal as it is with SCP XXXX-2, but staring into an instance's eyes without breaking eye contact has led to infection with SCP XXXX.

Any instance of SCP XXXX-2 is to be corralled away from its congregation by any means necessary. Upon separating it from instances SCP XXXX-1 it is to be rendered immobile through force and placed in a mobile containment unit until it is brought to an appropriate cell. SCP XXXX-2 does not require food or oxygen. It has not been observed to breach containment unless an several instances of SCP XXXX-1 manifest outside of its cell. During such an occurrence it will rapidly deteriorate until expired and manifest again using an instance of SCP XXXX-1.

Description: SCP XXXX is a memetic infohazard that actively attempts to ruin foundation efforts by propagating infectious information about a phenomena henceforth referred to as "Salvation". SCP XXXX typically attempts to replicate itself using any known written or spoken format created through motor functions with or without the use of tools. This means that SCP XXXX almost exclusively exists in hand painted text and spoken word of mouth. SCP XXXX appears to be inert if preserved in a typed format or audio file. Individuals reading or hearing SCP XXXX for the first time experience audiovisual hallucinations and are compelled to keep reading or listening to it. It's infectious memetic properties typically manifest in the form of an individual speaking or writing the scripture of SCP XXXX after reading and comprehending it. For a detailed account of what the scripture entails see the attached document.

Under atypical circumstances, SCP XXXX will attempt to replicate itself by possessing the body of any individual who has read or heard the scripture. This possession is not malicious, and it may only happen if the individual actively desires to no longer possess knowledge of their own mortality, or any similarly distressing information associated with death or humanity's existence being completely eradicated. If any individual actively seeks "Salvation", they will undergo a nearly instantaneous psychological breakdown and recovery. This period has been observed happening as fast as nine seconds. Upon recovery from their psychological breakdown their eyes will begin to glow with a piercing white light. From this point onward the infected individual is to be referred to as an instance of SCP XXXX-1 and is considered lost as there are no known methods of reversing this process. All instances of SCP XXXX-1 will begin to quote the scripture to nearby humans and attempt to write the scripture with whatever means they have at their disposal. Most commonly, instances of SCP XXXX-1 will begin writing using stomach bile, feces, urine, or blood if there are no other means nearby to facilitate printing the scripture. In large concentrations of SCP XXXX-1 instances, SCP XXXX-2 will also manifest.

SCP XXXX-2 is a large humanoid figure created from a mutated SCP XXXX-1. It stands at 2.3 meters tall and has a distictly feminine physique. It's body is covered in handlike appendages, each of which seems to be attached to a long and elastic arm which wraps around the entity as if it were some sort of cloth or garb. One arm reaches up around its neck and across the left eye, but it remains elastic and capable of motor function like all other arms. It's skin resembles marble or ivory and its long hair seems to absorb all light. It shares the same same white light in its eyes, but the hair seems to absorb this light in its entirety. It has been observed to alter its host body to become the same humanoid entity regardless of the hosts previous age, sex, and ethnicity. SCP XXXX-2 will also quote the scripture but displays greater mental faculties that of SCP XXXX-1. It will begin to deviate from the standard scripture to try to coax, bargain, or otherwise convince humans within line of sight to seek and accept its "Salvation". In the event of SCP XXXX-2 observing aggressive behavior, it will begin to unwrap its arms from itself and stretch them out to touch the heads of whomever is currently being aggressive. It will begin speaking directly to any individual it has touched and convince them to accept "salvation" in a very short period of time. Reportedly, SCP XXXX-2 does not always speak with a woman's voice and has been described as vaguely familiar, soothing, and inviting. An anomalous property unique to SCP XXXX-2 manifests when it makes audio contact with an individual who has not read or heard the scripture. Upon any unfamiliar individual hearing the scripture from SCP XXXX-2, it will continue talking to them telepathically with an estimated range of three kilometers. During these communications, SCP XXXX-2 will begin to describe the existence of other SCP items in an attempt to make the individual feel distressed at their own insignificance and urge them to seek "Salvation".