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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a fire-proof safe in a standard containment unit. Any personnel attempting to open the safe without authorization of the Site Director is to be terminated from their position immediately and delivered a Class-A amnestic. Any research or D-Class personnel attempting to study SCP-2903 are to use audio-cancelling ear pieces. Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be brought within 50 m of any stringed instrument.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a red guitar pick made of a previously unknown plastic1. This plastic is extremely resilient to combustion, and is not susceptible to destruction by any known means. D-Class personnel used in experiments with SCP-XXXX report, upon picking up SCP-XXXX, a complete and full understanding of tonal frequencies, expanding beyond today’s semi and micro-tonal music theory. They report irresistible compulsion to play a stringed instrument using this knowledge of newly dubbed nano-tonal music theory. Though it is impossible for humans to hear all frequencies played when using SCP-XXXX, the frequencies range well beyond what would normally be possible with a stringed instrument and a standard guitar pick. Upon hearing this nano-tonal music, any human listening to music played while using SCP-XXXX will expire from cardiac arrest and other internal organ failure. Internal and external bleeding follows shortly after. Upon autopsy, it has been found that all internal structures break down on an atomic level. Through research, it has been shown that the conjunction of multiple differing nano-tonal frequencies played in quick succession causes unnatural vibration in atoms, and causes the loosening of atomic bonds. It is not known why or how SCP-2903 creates compulsion for the victim to use it, nor do we know how it bestows the knowledge of nano-tonal theory upon victims.

SCP -XXXX was discovered in 19██,in ███████,Texas after an apartment was found filled with remains of 11 deceased young adults. This case was picked up by an SCP operative after a local police officer was found dead two days after the initial discovery. These two “crimes” were linked together by SCP-2903 being present in both “murder” scenes. The operative then brought SCP-2903 to site█, where it was researched and promptly given SCP status. It is thought that one of the 11 deceased young adults had a house-party, and attempted to play a song using SCP-2903, resulting in the deaths of all present. SCP-XXXX was found by the now-deceased Police Officer, who later attempted to use it after his shift later that night.


  • Upon further investigation, it has been noted that every stringed instrument used in conjunction with SCP-XXXX has had its frets removed.
  • Via electron microscope imaging, the Latin phrase "Facies discordias" has been found inscribed upon the upper portion of SCP-XXXX. Carbon dating is currently being performed on SCP-XXXX.
  • After research performed by MTF-γ5, ownership has been traced back to the 11th century. Its first documented reference was in the late 11th century in what is now turkey. SCP-XXXX was carried as stock by a byzantine merchant following a caravan of knights during the First Crusade. It was sold to someone who Foundation-employed Historians believe to be Peter the Hermit. This is notable due to the fact that it would be very unlikely for him to have been literate, nor would it be probable that he was a luthier. An account of his supposed acquisition of SCP-XXXX is still being translated from documents, which, through carbon-dating, have been determined to be approximately 950 years old.