Transforming Pet Slime

Doctor Wondertainment™ introduces…


Have you ever wanted a pet, but your parents worry you can't keep good care of it? Do you ever want to tickle your friends, but they get mad when you do it? Well, fear no longer! The Transforming Pet Slime™ is here for you!

This adorable pet comes in a small box, containing a starter kit to begin raising your very own Pet Slime™! He starts small, but after a few days, he will become very large! Don't worry, though, no matter the size, he will always be very fun! He will look after you, snuggle with you, and cheer you up with it's favorite activity, Tickle Wrestling! It will make you smile for the rest of your depressing day! This amazing pet literally turns your frown upside down!

Afraid it will become smelly? Don't want it dragging outside things? No worries! The Transforming Pet Slime™ is a pet that smells good anywhere it goes, and doesn't stick to anything either! Each Transforming Pet Slime™ give off many different odors such as chocolate, strawberry, bacon, and so much more! Worried about feeding your pet? Don't worry, just a little bit of candy and some water and it's good to go! So order your Transforming Pet Slime™ today and make a best friend!