Item #: Pending

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At current time, The Foundation hasn't been able to contain the subject for a longer period than two (2) weeks due it shapeshifting and teleporting abilities. Local media regarding subject has gone mainstream in the region, therefore efforts to eliminate knowledge about the subject on civilian population is futile. Hence the Foundation prepared and executed Protocol-LK-T to disguise subject as "local mythology and folklore".

Protocol proved completely succesful, as any victim of SCP-███ stating the subject as the offender, is treated as delusional, or blatantly joking. Victim of SCP-███ will then proceed to try to find another, more "realistic" offender.

Description: SCP-███ is described as a small humanoid, about 50 centimeters high, with skin reminiscent of an elder human being, altough greenish and extremely pestilent, similar to decomposing corpses and rotten eggs. ███ can be found completely nude, or with rudimentary clothes such as robes and a straw hat.
Subject was found in ██/██/18██ in █████, Chiloe, south of Chile. A group of cartographers were mapping the island, when one of them reported a putrid odour coming nearby. They traced the stench to a cave (currently █████████) where they found the creature. Subject inmediatedly vanished from sight and was not seen again in years.

Besides teleporting, subject has shown other anomal abilities, such as shapeshifting into any local breed of dog, cattle, rat, [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Also, subject posseses an unusual memetic skill, which only occurs when a female human being is aware of ███'s presence. Any female victim (now labeled as SCP-███-A) perceives subject as an extremely attractive man, and shows no resistance to his "charm". Subject uses this abilities to escape from hunters, and to hunt himself, as it diet consists on small mammals, rotten wood and [DATA EXPUNGED].

At the beginning of each Full Moon period, subject becomes predatory against ███-A, with ages between █ and ██. Subject uses its morphing abilities to kidnap, and then repeatedly rape its victims. ███-A becomes pregnant within ██% of the cases.

When a succesful pregnancy occurs, ███-A will have vague memories from the assault (research led to the conclussion that the memetic ability also includes a post-shock amnesiac effect) but will blame ███ in ~75% of the cases, after extensive meditation about the incident.

The victim's offspring will born as another instance of ███ (now labeled as ███-B) and it's birth will occur exactly 187 days since the incident, and only when ███-A is in deep sleep, without waking her up. It is unknown how ███ keeps ███-A asleep while giving birth.

At the moment of birth, ███ will age and decompose extremely fast, decaying to dust and a pestilent green mist in about 72 hours. ███-B will age up to maturity at the same time, taking ███'s role.