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Item #: SCP-80N60

Object Class: Legend

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-80N60 has been relocated to a warehouse near Site 343. Armed guards are to be posted at the only entrance at all times. Janitorial staff will clean the warehouse containing SCP-80N60 weekly. Requests from instances of SCP-80N60 are to be directed to Site 343's human resources department, and should be accommodated on a case by case basis. Individual instances of SCP-80N60 who fall out of SCP-80N60's influence are allowed to be discharged from containment once cleared by the monitoring team. SCP-80N60 is allowed and encouraged to keep developing new games, and are to be informed that their games have been released and sold millions of copies, as well as being positively received by gaming communities. Games developed by SCP-80N60 are not to be released or played by any living persons, due to their anomalous effects, and frankly, low quality1. Any individuals found to still be suffering from the effects of one of SCP-80N60's previous releases are to be provided quality video games with proper content developed by a competent and non-anomalous game studio.

Description: SCP-80N60 is an anomalous video game developer, branded as ██████, Inc. It is unclear at what point SCP-80N60 became anomalous, as previously it was considered to be an acclaimed studio, capable of developing popular games that were considered to be worth purchasing, and not predatory, lazy skinner boxes. The Foundation believes the anomalous activity generated by SCP-80N60 started approximately 4 years before it was finally contained, and went largely unnoticed.

Anomalous behavior demonstrated by SCP-80N60 and documented by Foundation researchers includes:

  • Developing games with a demonstrable lack of knowledge of other existing games2.
  • Sending out weekly updates about their game releases that contain considerable numbers of words, yet impart absolutely no information whatsoever.
  • Complete immunity to receiving or accepting feedback or criticism by their player base.
  • Improving certain games over time, then completely disregarding those changes for the sequel.

Some of the anomalous effects generated by SCP-80N60's last release before they were contained include:

  • Anomalously high reviews, despite delivering little content.
  • Individuals who played the game for longer than a month began to excrete dangerous amounts of SCP-5417-J. Several tiny Foundation researchers were killed before personnel were able to quell the effects.
  • Addiction to obvious and highly illogical predatory marketing practices.
  • Internet forums and message boards dedicated to playing SCP-80N60's games, despite most of the players loathing the games and wanting improvements that never come.

Below is a transcript of the most recent "Weekly Update" generated by SCP-80N60, which the Foundation allowed to be distributed to the monitoring team.

Hey █████████,

It's that time of the week again, where we tell you the first 200 digits of Pi and then we'll get into the really important stuff that you want to hear about.

Here at ██████, we value and appreciate the feedback you give us, which is why we've been using it to feed the pattern screamers that constantly have their fingers on our amygdalas. We're taking it all into consideration for when the tides turn black, and all sorrow becomes the fabric we use to dress our lives in the agony of futility.

This week, I want to talk about why our scorn for you is so important. But I'm not going to. so here is Lead Designer and Tainted Priest of the Desert Capsule, Dean Sapinski, who will explain exactly what you can expect in future content releases for Complacency 2.

DEAN SAPINSKI: Hey █████████, 3.1415926535897932384626433832
Give sacrifice to our true God, and feel the trickle of my seed as it spills across your television screen.

Wow, thanks so much Dean. I hope that gets you all excited for the dark future clawing behind the reality of your dim existence. Next up we have some of our favorite user submitted videos of the week.

(The first video features a man sitting down at a metal table, in white room with no decorations. The man is crying, and holding a wireless gaming controller. The man proceeds to hit himself in the temple with the controller, drawing blood. He repeats the action until he falls unconscious.)

(The second video is footage from a Foundation staff member affected by playing a game released by SCP-80N60, prior to its containment. Large quantities of SCP-5417 fall from his pores, and the camera zooms in on Researcher Slimey and Researcher Shelldon as they are painfully burned and killed by the substance. It is unclear how this footage was taken.)

(The third video shows actual gameplay of SCP-80N60's game, Complacency 2. The game is just Pong except there is no ball and the paddles look like penises. The footage of the two paddles moving back and forth lasts for approximately four days.)


Well that about wraps it up for this week. We'll have more information to share with you next week, after our marketing department figures out how to dig their proboscises directly into your pituitary glands and turn your hormones into digital currency.

Keep fighting the good fight, pathetic human cattle ████████!