The Bornholm Valley Mystery

I was hoping today would be insufferable.

Agent Wadssen took a deep breath, and placed his thumb on the scanner. The light turned a pleasant green, and the door slid open. Soft violin music greeted him, stopped abruptly, then a small voice greeted him.

"Hello Wadssen."

Wadssen stared at the speaker for a moment. "Hello, Arthur."

"I presume you've found more evidence and would like my help once again?"

"Yes. We need to go to an island a ways east of here. Agent Nyholm will be accompanying us again." Wadssen bit his lip.

"Oh? Were they able to re-attach his fingers? I do hope so."

"Yes, actually. Anyways, we need to go now. Feel free to question me to death on the way to the motor pool." Wadssen turned around without waiting, and heard the clicking of wood on tile as Arthur followed him out the door.

"Question you to death? Do you mean that literally?" Arthur asked as they strode through the brightly lit, vacant hallway.

"Of course n-wait, why? Is that something you could actually do??"

"I hardly think so. Though to be honest, I've never tried."

"Please don't."

The small, bear-shaped amalgamation of magnifying glasses quickened its pace to match Agent Wadssen's suddenly longer strides. Click clack click clack click clack