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SCP-xxxx-1, at the time of initial containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-xxxx and Dr. ██████ reappear from testing, the machine is to be stored in a standard large-sized storage chamber and all testing with it is to be banned and all research concerning it is to be permanently suspended. At such a time, SCP-xxxx's Object Class may be reevaluated to represent its status. As no evidence of Dr. ██████'s location or status has been discovered in more than 4 years since his disappearance, he is currently considered lost in action. Should he reappear alive, he is to be thoroughly examined and analyzed for foreign substances and changes. If he deemed able to work, he is to be assigned a low impact position away from active anomalies.

The remains of all nine SCP-xxxx-1 instances have been placed in long-term cadaver storage vaults, rated for Level 9 biohazardous protection. All staff are forbidden from performing any physical tests involving an SCP-xxxx-1 body without express permission from a site director. Any personnel performing physical experimentation, must undergo a thorough decontamination process immediately following the test, followed by an isolated quarantine for a period of one week. If any symptoms of diseases associated with SCP-xxxx-1 manifest during this time, medicinal and surgical treatment will be conducted until symptoms abate or the patient dies.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a group of nine humanoid-like creatures, standing at █.██m tall on average. Specimens appear to be vaguely modeled after normal humans, but with a number of differences. SCP-xxxx instances have grossly disproportionate appendages, with their arm span measuring nearly four times that of a normal human. Attached to their arms are a number of smaller appendages, often double and triple jointed. These appendages appear similar in function to fingers, but are significantly shorter and lack flexibility. SCP-xxxx skin is extremely pale and significantly softer compared to normal flesh, often simply hanging off an instance's bone structure.

SCP-xxxx's facial structure is very exagerated, with heavily sunken eyes and pronounced lips. The specimens' mouths contain nearly three times as many teeth as normal, all significantly more pointed. Several instances appeared to have metal caps attached to their teeth, leading to speculation they were used in lieu of weapons. The jaw muscles are also appear to be significantly more powerful, allowing these specimens to bite with a force greater than 827KPa.

SCP-xxxx bone density is significantly smaller than normal humans, while retaining greater muscle mass, allowing them significant mobility and speed. A fine layer of hair covers the abdomen and appendages of several of the instances. SCP-xxxx flesh reacts extremely negatively to passive radiation, especially sunlight. Instances also appear to be host to a large number of microbes that have either not be documented or were considered extinct.

SCP-xxxx-1 appears to be a mechanical device capable of extra-dimensional or temporal travel. Within the device is seating for twelve humanoids, along with controls to maneuver it through whatever medium it travels. A number of labels and manuals were discovered within the device. The manuals appeared to be made from an archaic paper and plasticine material. The language is undecipherable, but appears to be structurally similar to an ancient dialect of English. The dials and gauges within the machine do not appear to display correct information, and have been seen changing their display with no actual change in environmental or mechanical factors. The actual mechanical components lack any faults that would cause these fluctuations, and the sensory equipment works correctly when not connected to the SCP-xxxx-1 device.

All SCP-xxxx specimens died shortly after they exited SCP-xxxx-1. They were clothed in what appears to be a primitive form of protective wear, but it was unable to properly protect against the passive radiation. The equipment melted shortly after coming into contact with the atmosphere, with the SCP-xxxx instances expiring directly after this. All instances were also equipped with a number of archaic powder-based kinetic weapons.

Discovery: SCP-xxxx-1 appeared in the ruins of what was previously Site-328. While the exact purpose of the base is no longer known, a significant number of temporal and extra-dimensional anomalies have been discovered in the area. The device's arrival was detected by the on-site sensors, notifying a retrieval team. Sensors recorded vocal communications between the SCP-xxxx instances prior to their death. The language while initially undecipherable was determined to be an ancient dialect of English, most commonly spoken during the 21st century.

While a direct translation of the logs has been created yet, linguists claim the specimens were relief at escaping some disaster and confusion regarding the distance they traveled. While the exact words are still being researched, it is believed the specimens in SCP-xxxx-1 traveled significantly past the desired location or time. One specimen appears to believe the device was sentient and was making an attempt on their life.


The known SCP-xxxx instance (on left) was found holding above image.

Within the garments of one SCP-xxxx instance, a small, folding accessory composed of a material similar to modern leather was discovered. Within the accessory was a number of rectangular strips of cloth, thin strips of plastic, and an image printed on some sort of paper. The image displayed the SCP-xxxx instance it was found on and another unidentified SCP-xxxx instance.

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