A proposal for the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team (MAST)

What is this team?

MAST would be the primary team for ensuring the general upkeep of the wiki and 05 Command. This team would be responsible for three main tasks. Page deletions, tagging new articles, and updating staff pages that require upkeep, as well as any other tasks that staff decide fit within the confines and scope of the team.

The first responsibility of MAST is ensuring the deletion process occurs correctly. Members will be responsible for making deletion votes, voting on deletion votes, and fully deleting pages, once the requisite 24 hours has passed. Non-MAST staff may still vote on deletions and create the deletion votes.

Tagging new articles will be the second main responsibility of the team. At MAST's inception, the creation of new tags and the curation of the current tag list and hierarchy can still be a responsibility for the Tech team, but the tagging of articles itself will be done by members of MAST. As time goes on, we may revisit whether MAST can curate the tag system.

The third primary responsibility is enuring that certain staff pages are maintained and kept updated. These pages include those that list members of staff, such as the Meet the Staff page, the Contact Staff page, as well as the Staff list on 05. We would also be responsible for updating pages like the monthly top rated pages, and the various page archives that need to be updated occasionally.

Additional duties may be added as deliberation and voting occurs.

Other Possible Responsibilities and Projects

Here is a list of other duties that could potentially be given to MAST

  • General Project Gruntwork
    • If another team or staff member is doing a project on the wiki that requires a lot of legwork, and that team either does not have enough members or needs it done quickly, members of MAST can help with the gruntwork. For example:
      • Changing the name of a tag across the entire wiki
      • The Image License project
  • Pruning collaborative logs that are under staff oversight. (Could be considered a joint effort with Rewrite)
  • Interviewing Junior Staff who have been put up for promotion
    • This particular duty is less intrinsically important, but as the staff team grows it can be difficult for staff to know the JS well. An interview like this that is available to staff can help their judgements. Since default Operational Staff responsibilities and duties include several aspects that MAST would be incorporating, I felt this team could perform this duty
  • Cleaning the forums
    • If a user posts an extremely long post that would need collapsing or posts a draft in the forums, MAST would be responsible for collapsing the post or removing the drafts.

How are New Responsibilities Added?

Adding new responsibilities to MAST is not something that should happen often or decided lightly. New duties must meet these requirements:
  • Task is not currently associated with another team
  • Task is crucial to the wiki, the community, or staff.
  • Addition of the task is approved by 50% of MAST and at least two other admins.

Who Would Lead This Team?

I have heard my own name as a possible captain for this team, and I shall recuse myself from this particular discussion. However, I would like to also put Conwell or Zyn forward as possible captains.

Current List of Potential Members

These are the current members of staff who I think will be able to offer the most to the team at this time.

Other members of staff have also volunteered, including Taylor and a couple others I can't remember.