The Ice Sculpture

Item Name: SCP-10689
Item Codename: The Ice Sculpture

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-10689 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. The container is to be made out of steel and the steel is to be 8 inches thick. The sculpture is to be completely isolated and the container is to be climate controlled. The temperature is to be XXX degrees Celsius at all times. If the temperature is any lower or higher the sculpture is to be removed from the container as soon as possible. The sculpture is to be removed from its container every other day and the container is to be filled with hot water to remove the frost caused from the sculpture and the low temperature. The container is to be checked for any cracks or holes on a bi-weekly basis. If there is any cracks or holes the container is to be replaced by another container. The room the container holding the ice sculpture is in is to have no windows. Only personnel with a level 4 clearance or higher is able to have access to the ice sculpture and they must have thermal goggles until they have vacated and relocked the container.

Description: SCP-10689 is a sculpture constructed of ice that is representing a horse running. The sculptor is as of yet unknown and when it was created is as of yet unknown. If the sculpture starts to melt it will immediately regenerate it self into a different form. It has only changed once in 19XX. It before was a sculpture of XXXX XXXXX and turned into the horse. Melting the ice sculpture is forbidden. SCP-10689 seems to have no scratches or cuts and has been known to fall with no damage. Upon seeing the ice sculpture SCP-10689 will began to produce many effects on the viewer. After about 10 mins after viewing the viewer will began to freeze. Once 24 hours has passed the viewer will began to see frost on some solid matter. After a week, everything in the viewers eyes will be frozen.

The frozen matter is known as SCP-10689-A and is constructed out of layers of quartz and glass.
How these two materials get their cold quality is unknown. SCP-10689-A is not solid and feels like slush. SCP-10689-A has not been fully researched.

The viewer will began suffering from Hypothermia on the last day of the week since they viewed SCP-10689. Once Hypothermia is about to kill the viewer, the viewer will be attacked by SCP-10689-B. It is unknown what SCP-10689-B looks like because of its speed while chasing you and it isn't known if the entity is alive but it is known to kill the viewer. It will eat the viewer but to someone who hasn't viewed the sculpture it will look like the viewer has fallen over dead for no apparent reason. It is known that when the ice sculpture-B is about to kill you it will make a scary rushing train noise while it chases the viewer. The ice sculpture isn't known to make any other effects on the viewer.

Tests on SCP-10689:

Test Log:
Participants: D1 and D2
Test Parameters: D1 will view SCP-10689 while D2 will not view SCP-10689. They are to be tested for a week.
Results: Day 1: D1 has seen some of SCP-10689-A covered on some solid matter while D2 has noticed nothing unusual.
Beginning of Day 7: D1 is seeing SCP-10689-A all over every solid matter in his vision while D2 doesn't see anything. Everything is the same to D2 as it was on Day 1.
End of Day 7: D1 was attacked by SCP-10689-B and was eaten. D2 just saw D1 fall over for no reason at all and die and D1 had no physical damage.
Notes: It is unknown if you can only see SCP-10689-B if you view SCP-10689 and it never explained how the viewer is eaten. Someone who hasn't viewed SCP-10689 sees no physical damage.

There have been no further tests thus far.