Class: Safe

Containment Procedure: Scp-XXXX Manifestations are to be seized by Mobile Task Force team Zeta-83 "Toysnatchers", as soon as they are reported by Toy stores in the ___ area. Once all manifestations within the stores have been taken into foundation custody, the sales history of the store should be checked to confirm that any manifestations that were sold can be seized as well.
Any person, or persons that have purchased the anomalous object are administered class-A amnestics.

Once the manifestations have been seized, all manifestations of SCP-XXXX are to be kept in standard safe object containment lockers. Researchers of level 2 or higher clearance are free to take from these reams as they see fit, either for testing or recreational purposes. class-D personnel may request usage of these papers, but must be monitored.

Object Description: SCP-XXXX Are reams of colored construction paper, that appear to only manifest in toy stores in _, California. means of manifestation, along with the location in which they are manufactured is unknown, the reams appearing randomly in stock shipments sent out to toy stores in the aforementioned county.

Initial inspection of the paper yields no anomalous results, writing apon, crumpling up and throwing, and cutting demonstrate standard results for normal construction paper, however if SCP- is folded into a paper airplane, and thrown regardless of height or distance any landing that does not entail the plane landing on it's underside safely will result in a violent explosion fit for the size of the plane thrown. The plane itself will receive damage more akin to an actual plane crash than a paper one and will, in most cases, catch fire.

On very few occasions what has been described as "Small Paper People" have been seen fleeing the planes' wreckage only to slowly burn away or disappear out of site and found later lifeless and unresponsive to outside stimuli. These have been designated as SCP-XXXX-1.