True Nightmare
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An instance of SCP-XXXX-3 appearing on a Foundation computer

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-XXXX is to be destroyed as soon as possible Any instances of SCP-XXXX located anywhere outside of Site-██ must be recovered and be contained. All personnel involved in the recovery of must be terminated in order to minimize SCP-XXXX's effects. Item SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a air tight 1.5 m x 0.9 m glass display case. The glass composing display case must be completely bulletproof. The display case for which the object is contained must be covered by a completely opaque piece of black cloth so that no visual contact can be made with the object, except if under experimentation/testing. Tests involving SCP-XXXX requires authorization of Level 4 personnel no further testing on SCP-XXXX is authorized due to direct order of the O5 Council. At all times, no more than 2 security personnel with a clearance level of 3 or higher must stand guard in front of SCP-XXXX's cell. Security personnel positioned at SCP-XXXX must be replaced after 3 hours to avoid psychological distress and be given class A aminestics to ensure trauma is voided. Subjects who have been exposed to SCP-XXXX's effects are to be monitored at all times for a 13 day time period. Those exposed to SCP-XXXX are to be given and be contained and completely isolated immediately after exposure. Subjects must be locked in a modified D class cell with Titanium alloy walls, ceiling, and floor. No physical contact is allowed with those that gave been exposed to the object and are to be observed through a remotely operated camera feed. Subjects will receive food and water and must be given paper and a pack of pencils, pens, or another form of writing utencil. After subject has expired, any instance of SCP-XXXX-2 left within the subject's cell are to be confiscated, including subjects body, and destroyed by any means necessary.

All attempts to destroy SCP-XXXX have been ceased via orders from the O5 Council.

Due to recent events involving SCP-XXXX, (See Addendum XXXX-B) under no circumstances are any personnel allowed to come into contact with SCP-XXXX. Anyone that has been in contact with SCP-XXXX is to be terminated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard piece of A4 paper containing a child's drawing of what is believed to be a small child in bed, who is being watched by a demon who is standing inside the child's closet. The demon is engulfed in flames and is smiling at the child. There are 2 words written on the top and bottom of the object that are in Russian. When translated, the two words read: "True Nightmare". Also on the bottom of the page a Pentagram can be seen. SCP-XXXX was retrieved in 19██ after there had been multiple reports of civilians dying from Spontaneous Human Combustion1 in the town of █████, Russia. SCP-XXXX was located in a burnt down farmhouse near the outskirts of the town. The object was found among a large amount of charred wood, ash, human bones, and cloth remains. SCP-XXXX appeared to be untouched by the fire. To test whether or not the object was immune to the fire, responding Agents █████ ( KIA )and ██████ ( KIA ) reportedly started a small fire and placed SCP-XXXX within the flame. (See Addendum XXXX-A). Multiple Agents and Foundation personnel were exposed to SCP-XXXX's effects in recovery. A total of ██ agents and ███ Foundation personnel were terminated in the recovery of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX seems to exhibit effects similar that to being able to influence any living organism. Any subject under the effects of SCP-XXXX has the sudden urge to search for the object. This urge is unavoidable and subjects appear to enter that of a "hunting" state. If the subject is unable to locate SCP-XXXX within exactly 17 minutes and 34 seconds, affected subjects will begin to decompose at an alarming rate. If the subject is able to locate and make visual contact with SCP-XXXX, it will appear to hone in on the object, and sprint as fast as possible towards SCP-XXXX. Once within range, subject will try to destroy SCP-XXXX by tearing it in half. As soon as an attempt is made to destroy SCP-XXXX is made, the subjects hands will appear to catch fire. If subject is able to extinguish the flame, they will lose all interest in the object, and begin to flee. Upon further examination of the subjects hands, it was discovered that the burns left spell out the words "You have angered Him. You shall suffer His wrath." It is unknown how these burns are able to be so precisely made.

After 2 days of exposure to SCP-XXXX, subjects will begin to experience symptoms of paranoia, and report saying that they feel "watched" while resting. After 5 days of exposure, subjects experience signs of extreme paranoia and report being assaulted during the night by some form of being. All subjects affected by SCP-XXXX refer to the being assaulting them to be "Him". When questioned what the being appeared to be, all subjects seem to describe the being as a demon approximately 6 ft ( 1.8 m ) tall, has red skin, 2 horns on either side oh its head, and has a long pointy tail. In one case, when Subject D-054 was asked the question, Foundation personnel were given an answer that resulted in the termination of Subject D-054. (See Addendum 054-A). As a result of these interviews, it is theorized that this being is █████. The being has been given the classification of SCP-XXXX-2.

After 7 days of exposure, subjects begin to start drawing and/or writing. These drawings and writings all reference SCP-XXXX-2 in ways similar to that of which a child would reference a monster. Subjects seem exhibit immense fear whenever SCP-XXXX-2 is mentioned or at nighttime. These writing and drawing behaviors continue until 13 days after exposure.

After 13 days of exposure, subjects will refuse any and all attempts to try and make contact. They will curl up into the fetal position and not move for hours at a time. Once it has reached nighttime, subjects will fall into a deep sleep, until they suddenly burst into flames. After the subject has died from their burns, all that will be left is a skeleton, the charred remains of the clothes the subject was wearing at the time, and a burn mark in the shape of a gate will be left along one of the walls. It was unknown what causes the subjects to burst into flames, until Dr. ██████ had a thermal camera placed inside of a subject's cell. (See Addendum █████) The findings of Dr. ██████ test led him to insanity and it was discovered that he had died in a house fire 3 weeks later.

SCP-XXXX also has shown the ability to replicate itself if it is not able to find any subjects. These duplicates have been found both in and outside of Site-██. These duplicates have been given the classification SCP-XXXX-3.

Addendum XXXX-A: Agent █████ and Agent ██████ attempt to destroy SCP-XXXX.

Test XXXX-FRT - █/█/████

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: Attempt to destroy SCP-XXXX by tossing it into flames.
Results: Agent █████ tosses SCP-XXXX into fire. Both Agent █████ and Agent ██████ suddenly burst into flames and are killed
Analysis: SCP-XXXX is immune to fire and any attempt to try and destroy it will result in certain death.

Addendum XXXX-B: Sergeant ████ and Lieutenant ██████ are guarding SCP-XXXX after recent cotainment and have been stationed for over 3 hours and 1 minute. Portion of recorded transcript from CCTV.

<Begin Log, skip to 03h-01m-00s>

Sergeant ████: Man, I wonder what the hell that thing looks like.

Lieutenant ██████: Yea. Hey, what you say about you and me go shoot that thing up? Do this Foundation a favor?

Sergeant ████: Sounds good to me.

Sergeant ████ and Lieutenant ██████: (Proceed to enter SCP-XXXX's cell)

Sergeant ████: Light 'em up! (Sergeant ████ and Lieutenant ██████ begin to fire at SCP-XXXX)

Sergeant ████ and Lieutenant ██████: (Suddenly are engulfed in flames)

Lieutenant ██████: SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! (Both Lieutenant ██████ Sergeant ████ begin screaming and are killed.)

<End Log>

Addendum 054-A: Dr. ████ interviews D-054 7 days after exposure to SCP-XXXX

<Begin Log, skip to 00h-05m-47s>

Dr. ████: So, you say you are being assaulted by this, being, correct?

D-054: (D-054 is obviously nervous) It's not a being, it's Him.

Dr. ████: Okay… Can you describe this, "Him"?

D-054: (D-054's posture is now much straighter, and is staring directly into the camera) He is evil incarnate. He is the Devil himself. He will rise up and throw the world into chaos, and those who repent shall burn and suffer in the seven circles of Hell. (D-054's tone seems to deepen, as if he is no longer speaking) He will murder your husbands, rape your wives, and burn your children. He-

Dr. ████: (Motions for guards to move into D-054's cell) Terminate the D-Class, this interview is over.

MTF Guards: (Move in to terminate D-054) Don't move a muscle or you'll be shot! (Task Force breaks down door)

(Gunshots can be heard)

<End Log>

Addendum █████: Dr. █████ wants to test his theory about what causes subjects to suddenly ignite after 13 days of exposure to SCP-XXXX.

Log of event XXXX-CE12: Dr. █████ is observing D-7819 through a thermal camera placed in his cell. Time is currently 11:59pm

12:00am: A humanoid figure approximately 6 ft tall begins to form in the thermal camera. Figure is apparently molten hot. Dr. █████ checks the live camera feed, nothing is present

12:01am: Figure fully forms and appears to be so hot in the thermal camera begins to melt. Figure then reaches down and touches D-7819. D-7819 bursts into flames and begins screaming.

12:02am: D-7189 dies from burns and figure disappears, leaving a scorch mark on the cell wall. Dr. █████ exits observation room.