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SCP-1972 in Site-███.

Item #: SCP-1972 (tenative)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1972 is currently located at a northerly point in Site-███. Staff are to follow Foundation reports regarding the current location of exact magnetic north and adjust SCP-1972 so the central dome points to within 0.1°. SCP-1972 is secured upon a rotatable plinth, but must be turned by human power; automatic or non-human (e.g. horse, oxen) power will not bring SCP-1972 into alignment.

Description: SCP-1972 is a 40 meter tall object apparently carved from a single slab of weathered stone approximately 250 meters wide and 30 meters deep. The stone begins at ground level as a pedestal 10 meters square and 3 meters high, rising to its height and expanding out into two appendages, one shaped as the number "3" facing to the object's right, and one similar to the letter "u" on its side on the object's left. Between the two appendages is a faceted dome approximately 5 meters in radius suspended perpendicular to the ground, segmented into approximately 80 panes. The dome is made of regular window glass, although it has not shown any indication of being pulled by gravity, nor any damage from exposure. The reverse of the object contains no noteworthy aspects.

When the center of the dome on SCP-1972 is aligned with magnetic north, no anomalous effects are detectable, and the object is "at rest". However, upon rotation from 0.25° from rest, any ferrous object begins to face, travel, or extend along a line parallel to a line from the dome. This effect increases in both intensity and radius the farther from rest SCP-1972 rotates. At 0.25° variance, pure iron rods up to 300 meters from the dome will always fall along a parallel line if left to fall freely. Beyond 1° variance, humans within 1 kilometer will express a preference to walk or face in the same direction, but can turn direction with conscious effort. Beyond █°, non-ferrous objects begin to exhibit the same tendency, although the effects are reduced. The maximum recorded variance in rotation was 12.5°. See Addendum SCP-1972-1 (security level 3) for details.