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Item #: SCP-#
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-# are to be kept in the same storage locker with testing only approvable by Staff with Level 3 clearance and up. SCP-# is to be inspected daily to ensure no changes in the state of containment.

Description: SCP-# is a wooden box containing a set of spray bottles, three are filled with a cloudy black liquid1 the other three are filled with a milky white liquid with red fragments in it.2 When SCP-#-A is sprayed on a solid object it causes the object to turn into a putty. Even in liquid state the object still has the same properties3. The only solid that SCP-#-A is incapable of effecting is the plastic it's bottle is made of. SCP-#-B when sprayed on a liquid and stirred in SCP-#-B will make that liquid into a putty.4 SCP-# was found with this label on it: