The Woe Stone

Item #: SCP-2282
Object Class: Safe Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2282 is to be kept in the possession of the current instance of SCP-2282-1. Note that these containment procedures are not ideal, but unfortunately the properties of SCP-2282 have thus far rendered any other method of containment impossible.

Description: SCP-2282 is a small, round piece of smoothly-polished Preseli Spotted Dolerite. It has a mass of approximately 200 grams. While SCP-2282-1 instances are not exempt from the standard monthly termination procedures for D-Class, such actions have never been necessary due to the fact that possession of SCP-2282 is almost invariably fatal.
SCP-2282’s anomalous effects begin to exhibit themselves when it is picked up and handled by a human being, either directly or indirectly. At this point SCP-2282 “imprints” the handler, and the handler is no longer able to permanently remove SCP-2282 from their person, by any means (see Test Log for information regarding the circumstances under which it may be temporarily removed). At this point the imprinted person is considered an instance of SCP-2282-1. Any attempt by SCP-2282-1 to permanently remove SCP-2282 from their person fails, as SCP-2282 immediately reappears on their person. SCP-2282 can be stolen from SCP-2282-1’s possession, at which point the initial instance of SCP-2282-1 ceases to display SCP-2282-1 symptoms and the thief becomes a new instance of SCP-2282-1. However, SCP-2282-1 cannot give SCP-2282 to someone else.

The primary effect of SCP-2282 is an extreme distortion of local probability that, in lay terms, gives SCP-2282-1 extremely bad luck (personnel who would like a more explicit description of the statistical anomalies produced by SCP-2282-1 may refer to Dr. Woed’s report "Statistical Analysis of SCP-2282 Phenomenon", published in [FOUNDATION JOURNAL]). No event that SCP-2282 creates is “impossible”, in that it does not cause any event with a probability of zero to occur. Note to personnel that current information suggests that the probability of an event must be exactly zero. This is based on the event during Test-2282-F, wherein that test’s instance of SCP-2282-1 died due to an event whose probability was on the order of 10-476. The unlikely events it causes are always detrimental to SCP-2282-1 in some way, though the exact manner in which it is harmful varies (physical, psychological, financial, etc.)

SCP-2282 was originally recovered from ███████████, England, which had experienced an unusually high rate of accidental death, accompanied by several reports of locals being unable to remove a stone from their possession. A team was dispatched, and SCP-2282 was identified as the cause following interviews with the friends and family of the deceased.