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Item #: SCP-2336

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2336 is to be kept off-limits from the public and hidden from satellite imagery.

SCP-2336-A is kept inside a room with translucent soundproofed-walls measuring 50m by 50m by 6m. During research, SCP-2336-A is to be observed at all times by four (4) Level 2 personnel via surveillance cameras and one (1) Level 3 personnel in a secure chamber 12 m from SCP-2336-A. All instances of SCP-2336-C emerging from SCP-2336-A during testing are immediately escorted to the research team. As per the order of the O5 Council, all instances of SCP-2336-C are to be terminated following testing procedures. In the event of testing procedures suddenly being halted during the descent of SCP-2336-B, the web of SCP-2336-B will be ignited by an armed personnel with a hearing disability1 and all on-site personnel are instructed to evacuate the island for 24 hours.

When research is not being conducted, SCP-2336-A is to be observed at all times by two (2) Level 2 personnel via surveillance cameras and protected by four armed personnel in the event of an unforeseen containment breach, outside insurgence, and unforeseen emergence from SCP-2336-A. All instances of SCP-2336-B are captured and brought the research team.

Description: SCP-2336 is the entirety of ███████ Island, off the coast of Antarctica where Site-440 is located. Site-440 currently contains SCP-2336-A, ██ instances of SCP-2336-B, and ███,███ instances of SCP-2336-C.

SCP-2336-A is a circular hole roughly one meter in diameter located near the center of the island of unknown depth. Seismic imaging suggests that SCP-2336-A extends beyond the Earth's crust. Various methods such as the creation of connecting shafts, probes, light propagation, and human expedition have been utilized in order to determine the depth of SCP-2336-A, all have resulted in failure.

Instances of SCP-2336-B are adult Arctic wolf spiders (Pardosa glacialis), a species generally found in Greenland. Instances of SCP-2336-B have been captured and discovered to have neither anomalous anatomical properties nor abilities. Every ███ days, at █:██AM local time, an instance of SCP-2336-B crawls out of the ground 12-40m from SCP-2336-A. SCP-2336-B will then start to create a web from the edge of the hole and start to descend downwards into the hole. 108 days following its entrance into the pit, instances of SCP-2336-C will start to emerge from SCP-2336-A using the web to climb up from the pit2. Instances of SCP-2336-C will, one-after-another, continuously exit from SCP-2336-A following the emergence of the first instance. In a period of 24 hours, 1,900 to 2,000 instances of SCP-2336-C will exit from SCP-2336-A.

Instances of SCP-2336-C are faceless, humanoid creatures composed of an unknown blood-red material similar in texture, density, and malleability to human flesh.3 SCP-2336-C is a sexually dimorphic species with an average height and build comparable to humans. Instances of SCP-2336-C are capable of changing their appearance to resemble adult human specimens. They are capable of altering their perceived race, gender, age, and build; they also alter their behavior and spoken language to reinforce their disguise.

When a human subject is asked to describe an instance of SCP-2336-C, it is commonly described as being an adult human being. All other descriptions vary from subject to subject. However, when the said human subject is a witness of the emergence of an instance of SCP-2336-C from SCP-2336-A, the said instance will change its appearance to match the given description as closely as possible. This process occurs even when the human subject is separated from said instance of SCP-2336-C. It is not known how SCP-2336-C are able to respond to descriptions given by isolated human subject. The described instance of SCP-2336-C will then remain in its described form for the remainder of its lifetime.

When unprovoked, untransformed instances of SCP-2336-C are docile creatures, showing no signs of desire nor need. SCP-2336-C is also observed to be extremely passive, accomplishing meaningless tasks such as standing, sitting, and lying down. When provoked, however, SCP-2336-C will emit a sound, similar to a human scream, measuring at 109.4dB4. A described SCP-2336-C when provoked, on the other hand, will react in a human fashion corresponding to its designated personality.

Addendum 2336-01:
On ██/██/████, D-324-1974 was sent down to gain insight on the depth and content of the hole past the 30 meter limit. Immediately after his body completely entered SCP-2336-A, his harness and cord failed. The subject's screams and other vocalizations remained audible for ██ minutes and ███ seconds, growing quieter over time. If the subject was falling at a terminal velocity of 56m/s, they would have traveled over █,███ km. It is possible that SCP-2336-A greatly amplifies sounds emitted from inside, or that objects past an undetermined threshold are subject to reduced gravity. Several human expeditions of the hole have been carried out, all with similar results including the failure of the harness, another possible anomalous property of SCP-2336-A.

Addendum 2336-02:
A survey of the island revealed that it was impossible for SCP-2336-B to survive on the island for an extended period of time due to the harsh conditions and lack of food supply.

A secondary survey on the island for the purpose of locating the nest or breeding ground of the creature both above and underground met with failure. The secondary survey of the island, however, found a stone boulder 371m northeast of SCP-2336-A. Carved onto the stone was the following inscription (translated from ███████████):

With this thread, you are forgiven. With this thread, you shall climb to Paradise.

Further study on the boulder showed no anomalous properties or inscriptions other than the text itself.

Addendum 2336-03:
On █/█/19██, Dr. ███████ ████ attempted to describe an instance of SCP-2336-C as a non-humanoid being. SCP-2336-C completely failed to match the given description and perished with Dr. ███████ ████ at the same time following the failed description. The task of giving subsequent descriptions is now given to Level 3 personnel as opposed to Level 2.

Addendum 2336-04:
On █/█/19██, authorization to ignite SCP-2336-B's web during its descent was granted in order to observe its effects on SCP-2336-A. Ignition was successful and elimination of the web was successful. However, shortly after ignition, the sound of screams of what was later to be determined as the cry of unknown numbers of SCP-2336-C in unison. The produced sound was measured to be 168 dB.5 All surviving on-site personnel suffered from permanent hearing loss and were relieved of duty soon afterwards.6 Containment procedures were changed accordingly.

Addendum 2336-05:
On █/█/20██, the O5 Council, in a 12-to-1 vote, moved to prohibit further testing and research of SCP-2336 and emphasized eliminating all instances of SCP-2336-C following a containment breach caused by a rogue insurgence of described instances of SCP-2336-C. Containment breach resulted in the deaths of ███ Foundation personnel and ██,███ instances of SCP-2336-C. These rogue instances ██ instances of SCP-2336-C escaped Site-440, all but one have been recovered and terminated.

Addendum 2336-06:

1. Preferably a deaf officer so as not to cause permanent damage to his/her sense of hearing.
2. The web itself was determined to have the same composition and properties as normal spider web. It is unknown how SCP-2336-B's web supports the mass of an instance of SCP-2336-C, a mass similar to that of an average adult human. Several unharnessed D-Class personnel were tasked to descend the pit, only to fall immediately afterwards as the web could not support their weight.
3. This description is derived from the perspectives of human subjects that have witnessed its SCP-2336-C emerge from SCP-2336-A
4. For comparison, a power saw or punch press produces a sound measuring 110dB
5. For comparison, the sound produced by a space shuttle on take-off ranges from 165-170dB.
6. Deaths were caused mostly by blast overpressure (caused by the extremely loud sound waves emitted by SCP-2336-A) damaging the ears, lungs, and digestional tract, ultimately leading to death. Other injuries were caused by structural damage.