Item #: SCP-2074

Object Class: Euclid/Potential Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2074 is to be contained in a 15m by 15m (area) by 15m (height) concrete container at facility 19. SCP-2074’s chamber is to be heavily cooled, and is to get no hotter or cooler than 20°C. SCP-2074 is to be monitored with thermal cameras at all times. No Personnel are to enter its container, except for scheduled D-Class Personnel.

SCP-2074 was moved to Site 19 in late July of 2013, following mysterious disappearances of people in [DATA EXPONGED]. SCP-2074 is an animated humanoid shaped “air” pocket, approximately 6 feet tall, which temperature is over 100°c in some parts of SCP-2074. Samples taken from SCP-2074 reveal the “air” in its little pocket is not air, and is not related to any known element. The gas that makes up SCP-2074 seems to be highly lethal, and if inhaled, will suffocate human beings, even in small amounts, as if it has blocked their airways. The air around SCP-2074 however, stays normal temperature, and no heat is emitted from SCP-2074. SCP-2074 seems to become less violent and less active in environments where the air temperature is 25°C or cooler. SCP-2074 cannot be seen by the naked eye, and is only visible by thermal cameras. SCP-2074 can disintegrate almost any material, except for most fire-resistant solids (concrete, steel, ect). Many tests been attempted, but all Class-D personnel that have come in contact with SCP-2074 have been examined to find third-degree burns, even though the gas inside SCP-2074 is not that hot, but studies have shown the gas to maybe be corrosive. The only safe way to observe SCP-2074 is to use thermal cameras, which hasn’t provided much information so far, but the possibility of new ways to research SCP-2074 is being studied.