Tutulord's SCPs Backup and Original Drafts
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept at Site-19, inside a soundproof humanoid cell, in an equally soundproof room. A control room is to be built adjacent to this main room. The room is to have a single exit, with emergency blast doors. A single camera is to be placed in the cell, as well as two more in the corners of the room, one facing the cell door and the other facing the room’s exit. Three technicians are to monitor the camera feeds in rotating shifts, as well as assisting personnel during scheduled experiments. During direct interviews with SCP-XXXX, two guards armed with tasers are to be stationed outside the cell. Both guards are also required to wear soundproof masks with built-in communication devices at all times.

For conducting interviews with the specimen, a modified PA system is to be installed in the cell, with its respective microphone in the control room. Such system enables safe interviews with the subject, as any replies coming from the cell are muted and transcripted, thus negating its cognitohazardous effect.

SCP-XXXX is equipped with a Mark V shock collar, operated by the technicians in the control room. Batteries must be exchanged every 72 hours, and any attempts of the specimen to tamper with the collar must be met with an electric discharge to incapacitate it (See Addendum XXXX-03). Should SCP-XXXX remove the collar and escape its cell, the acting technician is to deploy the blast doors and inform the Site Director of a possible containment breach. Two guards, outfitted with the proper equipment, are to stun the specimen and return it to its cell. In the event of a successful containment breach, the site is to be placed on lockdown and Mobile Task Force Eta-11 (“Savage Beasts”) on-site team is to incapacitate and re-contain SCP-XXXX.

Access to SCP-XXXX requires Level 3 clearance or above. Written authorization from the Site Director is required for direct experimentation with the specimen.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a mobile human skeleton 1.84m in height and 50kg in weight. Despite the lack of necessary organs, subject possesses visual and auditory capabilities similar to that of a normal person. While it is still unknown how the specimen is able to hear, tests have confirmed SCP-XXXX is capable of seeing through its only eye, located on the left socket of its skull. Subject cannot see through its right eye and its respective socket and nose have been covered with a black material believed to be a polymer of unknown composition. Even though SCP-XXXX is incapable of blinking, both the eye and the subject’s sight do not appear to be affected. Additionally, while it lacks both muscular tissues and an apparent nervous system, SCP-XXXX can walk and run at average speeds. As of yet, no attempts of extracting samples from either SCP-XXXX's bones or the material in its eye socket have been successful. Subject is capable of enduring extreme temperatures, pressure and kinetic impact. However, while the entity is resistant to most types of damage, electric stun guns and tasers can temporarily incapacitate SCP-XXXX (See Addendum XXXX-01). Scans of SCP-XXXX's head have revealed the existence of a brain, as well as several mechanical devices inside the specimen's skull. Subject is sentient and capable of engaging in both verbal and written communication in several languages, although it has shown a preference for English, and is usually formal in its speech. SCP-XXXX is extremely intelligent (tests have shown it to have an IQ of 189) and is knowledgeable on several subjects, especially those of a scientific nature. According to written and oral accounts from SCP-XXXX, its knowledge ranges from that available during the 19th century to current times. The specimen’s knowledge of post-19th century technology, however, is mostly theoretical.

SCP-XXXX is capable of exerting a strong cognitohazardous influence over individuals. Should the specimen’s voice be heard by one or more people, these become friendly and extremely submissive to SCP-XXXX (at which point they are to be considered SCP-XXXX-1). Thus, should SCP-XXXX request or order SCP-XXXX-1 to execute a determined task, they will attempt to do so, regardless of its difficulty and/or consequences. The specimen always converses with instances of SCP-XXXX-1, but the subjects discussed and the length of these conversations vary depending on the person interacting with it. SCP-XXXX appears to allow instances of SCP-XXXX-1 to retain some of their cognitive autonomy during such interactions, but can easily subjugate them if it desires. SCP-XXXX’s effect is not irreversible, as the physical removal of SCP-XXXX-1 from the entity voice’s range for 12 hours or the introduction of an external auditory stimulus louder than 80 dB for one second releases them from its influence. Instances of SCP-XXXX-1 cannot perceive SCP-XXXX’s influence over them during their interactions. Additionally, should the instances remain unstimulated, they exhibit extreme confusion once the 12-hour period ends, with no recollection of any of their interactions with the specimen (See Addendum XXXX-05). While SCP-XXXX is capable of coercing others into violence, the specimen itself has never displayed violent behavior towards others directly.

SCP-XXXX claims to be Dr. Robert Murthwallen, born in 1830 in █████████, New York. The entity is capable of providing a detailed biography of Dr. Murthwallen’s life. However, should it be questioned about certain events or details, SCP-XXXX appears to purposely provide vague answers, and should it be pressed to reveal more, it either attempts to switch the topic at hand or it outright refuses to answer. Records from the Murthwallen family reveal that Robert was a reclusive individual who dedicated much of his life and his family’s wealth to his scientific pursuits. In April of 1867, Dr. Murthwallen was reported missing, before he was presumed dead in June of that year. Neither Dr. Murthwallen’s body nor his burial grounds have ever been located.

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