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Do you dream of experiencing what Three Portlands has to offer? Are you just too milquetoast to grab destiny by the horns and force adventure into existence? Try these all-new tourism opportunities!

The Arts:
Come on down to Stein Plaza SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY to see renowned sculptor Auguste Menard battle her inner demons in a no-holds-barred cagematch! She has no combat experience whatsoever. Wrestling fanatics with paramedic training are encouraged to attend.

Luxury Goods and Services:
Have you ever had a great idea for a story, product, or genetically modified animal that you just didn't know how to bring into the world? Brainstorm no longer with Oneiroi Incorporated's patented Retrideal Therapy! Experience a relaxing neural surgery as our technicians excise that pesky thought from your grey matter with cutting-edge Invasive+ Technology™. Save up to 10% or more by pairing the procedure with a cleansing lobe polish!

Behind the Portlands:
Discover the reality behind the legend on a guided tour through the pocket universe in which Jimmy Hoffa's body is suspended in an aqueous solution. Rest assured, the natural aphrodisiac properties of Jimmy-Gel are not exaggerated. Just don't hoff your free sample until you get home.

— Yasmine Rahman, Three Portland Tourism Pamphlet, Summer 2018

Welcome to a world of whimsy and procrastination.

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