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Item #: SCP-MMMM

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to current containment of PoI-MMMM, risk of further initiations of SCP-MMMM is considered negligible.

Description: SCP-MMMM is a ritual created by PoI-MMMM with the intended purpose of time travel.


First sigil, as found in PoI-MMMM's residence.

The ritual consists of standing within a sigil of sufficient size, placing a thumbprint with a blood and red paint mixture onto the blank area of the sigil, and reciting the words "I want to be gone for a while."

Upon completion, the time/reality continuum bends in such a way to bring the second of ritual completion, a second exactly four years in the future, and a second exactly six years in the future to occupy the same point when considered in one dimension. This phenomenon continues following a pattern of x, 2(6-x)/3, and (6-x), where x is years per second elapsed.

In folding, SCP-MMMM causes universal hume levels to triple for the six years after ritual completion, while no discontinuity in the perception of time is experienced.

Addendum SCP-MMMM-1: Events of 06/23/2018

At 03:44, SCP-MMMM was initiated the first time.

At 13:24, SCP-MMMM was initiated for the second time.

Resultant from these events, items [REDACTED] with a total of ███ ontokinetic entities breach containment. Global cognizance of hume level shifts result in a PK-Class Mass Supersociation event resultant in 3,266,868 reported casualties globally. Operation Neostasis initiated. Amnestics deemed improper, main focus placed upon Disinformation Campaign Neostasis, currently ongoing.

Addendum SCP-MMMM-2: Recovery log of PoI-MMMM

Informants within Indianapolis police force identified the second initiation of SCP-MMMM to correspond to one [REDACTED], PoI-MMMM. PoI-MMMM confirmed validity of SCP-MMMM's causation of the PK-Class Mass Supersociation event through second performance of SCP-MMMM. PoI-MMMM arrested and transferred to current containment arrangements.

Addendum SCP-MMMM-3: PoI-MMMM interview 2, 07/03/18

Begin log

Dr. ███: Hello, MMMM.

Subject remains in silence for five seconds.

PoI-MMMM: I'm not getting out of here, am I.

Dr. ███: I'm afraid we can't let you leave just yet. However-

PoI-MMMM: Yeah, I know. I… don't want you to let me out, anyway.

Dr. ███: Pardon?

PoI-MMMM: I don't want to be let out. I don't want to fuck up again. Or be fucked up again.

Dr. ███: Would you be able to explain what prompted this?

PoI-MMMM: Prompted this? Which, the time travel, or what I said?

Dr. ███: Well. Both? Would you be willing to answer both of those?

Subject pauses.

PoI-MMMM: Not to the same degree.

Dr. ███: Very well, then. Go ahead.

PoI-MMMM: I guess, uh. Well, ugh. They're pretty much the same reason. I'm… tired. I'm so tired.

Dr. ███: Tired?

PoI-MMMM: Just… let me speak. Alright?

Dr. ███: Apologies. Go on.

PoI-MMMM: Yeah. I'm tired. I'm tired of being a waste of space. I'm tired of keeping my head in the fucking sand and waiting for things to "blow over". I'm tired of being cast out from places I once called my home. I'm tired of seeing fascism come back. I'm so tired worrying over whether I'll be alright. Whether my friends will be alright. Whether it'll all be alright. Whether I'll… get better. Whether things get easier. I wanted to cheat and see. To see if it would all be okay.

Dr. ███: Thank you for your answer.

PoI-MMMM: Fuck off. I, fuck off. Please.

End of log