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Item #: SCP-EEEE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the circumstances regarding the creation of SCP-EEEE, risk of accidental discovery is negligible.

SCP-EEEE-1 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber with the following modifications:

  • Terminal with access to an airgapped Foundation intranet populated with at least three disparate artificial intelligences
  • Toilet replaced with dry biohazardous materials containment unit
  • Sink equipped with laundry detergent

SCP-EEEE-1 is to be permitted one hour of access to its terminal daily. The dry biohazardous materials containment unit is to be disposed of and replaced as needed.

In the case of injury, SCP-EEEE-1 is to be provided with a standard kit of sutures and needles.

SCP-EEEE-1 is to be supplied with 400 consumer grade cotton balls per day.

Description: SCP-EEEE refers to a ritual created by the former Rosa Schmidt, POI-01536. In this ritual, human organs are placed within a humanoid vessel to attain perfect transference of brain function from the provider of the organs to the humanoid vessel.

The ritual was first detailed on the unindexed private image board /wiz/ found on http://animetrash.onion/

SCP-EEEE-1 is the individual formerly known as Rosa Schmidt. Currently, SCP-EEEE-1 is housed in a six foot scaled custom plush doll modeled after Astolfo from the "Fate/" franchise.