Item#: SCP-3204
Object Class: Euclid

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3204 is to be kept in a 2 meter by 2 meter containment cell similar to that of other class D personnel, with the exception of a microphone in the cell for outside communication. No personnel without level 3 clearance or higher is allowed to communicate with SCP-3204. SCP-3204's cell is located in the light containment near D-block. Level 3 clearance is required to open SCP-3204's cell.

Description: SCP-3204 is a D-class personnel designated D-9782 who joined the program on [REDACTED]. SCP-3204 was put on death row for [REDACTED]. SCP-3204 was classified as an SCP for having all other SCPs react differently to it's presence rather than usual response to class D personnel entering their containment chambers. Phenomenon include SCP-096 having no reaction to SCP-3204 viewing its face, SCP-173 being completely passive to it's presence, and SCP-049 sensing the disease in SCP-3204, but SCP-049's touch did not seem to affect SCP-3204 in any way. Anomalous effects were first seen when SCP-3204 was placed in SCP-035's containment chamber, SCP-3204 picked up the mask, stared at it for approximately [REDACTED] minutes, then simply placed SCP-035 Back on its podium. During containment breach [REDACTED] SCP-3204 was reported to have exited SCP-106's pocket dimension following SCP-106.

Testing SCP-3204 while in SCP-096's containment chamber

Researcher: Please approach SCP-096 so we may get started
SCP-3204: What the [REDACTED] is that thing?
Researcher: what it is isn't important, Please approach SCP-096.
*SCP-3204 approaches SCP-096*
SCP-3204: This is nightmare fuel right here, plus I was promised to go home after a month, it has been well over that.
Reasercher: Please view SCP-096's face
*Thermal cameras detect SCP-3204 viewing SCP-096's face*
*SCP-096 looks at SCP-3204 for five (5) seconds before looking back at the floor*
Researcher (reporting to Dr [REDACTED]): SCP-096 shows no interest in attacking SCP-3204, it's almost as if it's face wasn't even viewed.
*MTF enters the chamber to retrieve SCP-3204*
*screaming can be heard while MTF is inside SCP-096's chamber*
Researcher: what the hell is going on in there?!
MTF commander: one of my men saw it's face.
Researcher: remove SCP-3204 from the chamber and get all your men except for SCP-096-1 out of there! we cannot risk another containment breach.
MTF commander: understood
*recording ends*

I don't know what the hell this place is, but I sure as hell know i'm not gonna like it -SCP-3204 before testing with SCP-035