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this is very much a work in progress but i read another entry that did basically the same things that i liked about this one so i don't know if i'm going to continue it

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell located at Site-17. In addition to standard non-hostile humanoid containment protocol, caution must be taken to ensure that SCP-XXXX is not made aware of its containment. In particular, no personnel may refer to SCP-XXXX by its item number or the pronoun "it" in any context where it may be aware. Instead, it must be referred to by some variation of the name it uses for itself, "Elliot Sterling", and the pronoun "they".

SCP-XXXX must be provided printed copies of at least 5 documents in the style of standard Foundation Special Containment Procedures for study, detailing nonexistant anomalous objects and containment procedures1. These objects should have antimemetic properties that would need to be accounted for in the event of a containment breach, while not having any properties that would make containment exceptionally difficult.

Once per month, SCP-XXXX is to join Mobile Task Force Epsilon-7 ("Forget Me Nots") for a brief meeting regarding the status of each object the task force is involved with containing, as well as those in the fabricated documents.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 25 year old human of European descent. Prior to Foundation aquisition, it lived in ██████████, West Virginia, and was present on ██/██/2000 when a containment breach at a nearby Foundation Site necessitated widespread administration of amnestics. This was when SCP-XXXX became aware of its anomalous property.

Via currently unknown means, SCP-XXXX's body produces a natural mnestic2, hampering the effect of general purpose amnestics3. SCP-XXXX claims to have a perfect eidetic memory and has scored multiple standard deviations higher than average on psychological tests focusing on recall, both short- and long-term.

Since 2012, SCP-XXXX has approached 6 different Foundation Sites in the United States, each time being delivered amnestics and turned away by personnel unaware of its anomalous property or previous encounters with the Foundation. It has also been found at the location of at least 10 immobile anomalies by undercover Foundation staff with similar results. The Foundation became aware of SCP-XXXX on ██/██/2018, when it witnessed another containment breach in ██████████ and was again delivered amnestics. SCP-XXXX was found attempting to follow the deployed Foundation agents back to the Site, detained, and assigned a containment cell when its anomalous property was discovered.

Addendum XXXX-1: Interview Log 017-XXXX-01, dated ██/██/20184

Foreword: Interview was conducted shortly after SCP-XXXX was detained, prior to being identified as an anomalous object and active security risk.

Interviewed: Elliot Sterling

Interviewer: Dr. J███ R██████

<Begin Log>

Dr. R██████: Elliot Sterling, correct?

Mx. Sterling: Yes, ma'am.

Dr. R██████: I'm sure you're confused, but we only have a few questions to ask you before [Dr. R██████ is cut off]

Mx. Sterling: Oh, I know.

Dr. R██████: You do?

Mx. Sterling: Sure. This wasn't how I hoped to introduce myself, but I'm no less happy to be here. I'm a huge fan of your work.

[Several seconds pass before Dr. R██████ clears her throat and responds.]

Dr. R██████: I represent the S[Dr. R██████ is cut off]

Mx. Sterling: The SCP Foundation! You want to know how I managed to follow you here, right?

Dr. R██████: [Dr. R██████ is heard shuffling papers] I'm actually more interested in what exactly you know about the Foundation.

Mx. Sterling: Oh, man, where to start? Uh, the SCP Foundation is an organization dedicated to maintaining normalcy by containing paranormal… Excuse me, "anomalous", right?

Dr. R██████: And surely you're aware that part of that mission statement involves secrecy.

Mx. Sterling: Right.

Dr. R██████: You understand that even passing knowledge of us constitutes a serious security breach and the failure of any number of coverups and disinformation campaigns?

Mx. Sterling: Pobody's nerfect[sic]. If you know what you're looking for there are scraps of evidence lying around. I've got a corkboard back at my apartment with some photos pinned up. [Mx. Sterling chuckles to themself.] Splurged for the nice red yarn and everything.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After another failed attempt at administering amnestics, Mx. Sterling was placed in a holding cell and eventually classified as SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-2: Interview Log 017-XXXX-02, dated ██/██/20185

Foreword: Interview was conducted after SCP-XXXX briefly breached containment following two failed attempts earlier in the week.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. D█████ C████, researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX

<Begin Log>

Dr. C████: Good morning, XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: Morning, D██.

Dr. C████: I understand you managed to get out today?

[SCP-XXXX is visibly embarassed.]

SCP-XXXX: Yeah. Third time's the charm, right?

Dr. C████: You were warned that additional attempts at containment breaches would be met with disciplinary action. Do you understand?

[SCP-XXXX nods. Dr. C████ sighs before responding.]]

Dr. C████: For someone who claimed to be a fan of the Foundation, you sure seem intent on causing trouble.

SCP-XXXX: It just seems like a waste, don't you think?

Dr. C████: Excuse me?

SCP-XXXX: Cooping me up in a box like this. I know that's your whole… thing. It's important.

Dr. C████: But?

SCP-XXXX: But how many people do you know who can handle class X mnestics being pumped into their blood every day?

[Dr. C████ begins to respond but is cut off by SCP-XXXX.]

SCP-XXXX: None. I bet the nice folks down in Antimemetics would love stronger mnestics and here I am, useless.

Dr. C████: What exactly are you getting at?

SCP-XXXX: I want a job.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: A falsified job offer was extended to SCP-XXXX later that week, along with the development of its current containment procedures. No attempts to breach containment have followed.