manticore was supposedly a WMD for the Iraqi government in Saddam's rule.
A high ranking source in the Iraqi army noted WMD manufacture in a source leak to the pentagon , this was later countered as a myth to give the us govt the excuse to invade Iraq.

Incident file no 30001: cmdr [redacted] (Kia)

The commander and his squad were lead by a survivor of the attack into a small village in which insurgents had been massacred.
The bodies of men , women and children were found in a square by a fountain , all had been slaughtered by a previously unknown foe.
The men , most of whom were informedly ex Iraqi special forces , had been killed with their Kalashnikovs empty of munitions , the fragments of their spare magazines had been found to hold explosive munitions.

The commander requested air suport in the form of USAF f16 , at that point the radio began to broadcast screaming and squelching , the commander is heard to be audibly screaming , a large roaring sound is heard to be emitted by another source.

After half a hour the f16's roared into the area , after heavy bombing of the area the creature , escaped .

SCP forces were deployed into the area at 1.15 pm.
Video evidence shows clearly the "manticore" attacking SCP infantry.

At 3.00 pm the manticore was finaly and conclusively put to rest using a tactical nuclear device.
The SCP infantry in the AO were irradiated and requested to be bombed using paveway iv type guided bombs to prevent the agonising fate of radiation poisoning.
Twelve days later a bio team entered the village to recover and incinerate the dead
The manticore had disappeared , unnoticed by f16 and infantry it had managed to escape.
It's wearabouts are currently unknown however it is currently even more dangerous then when it was first encountered , it is now heavily irradiated , Geiger sensors are triggered just before a manticore attack , however at that point you are to irradiated to care if it kills you.