Unfinished Wish (Aka A Happy Birthday)
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It’s raining softly.
No umbrella , but I don’t care.Just letting the tiny rain drops wetting my coat.
Cause I’ll be home soon.
Entering a gift shop nearby,and paying a little pink unicorn.Holding it tight closed to my chest,so its soft fur won’t get wet.My changes and key creating a ti-li-ti-li sound inside my pocket,harmonic to my footsteps,and harmonic to the whisperers of the rain.
Taking out the key and opening the door——my little Jenny,must be waiting by the dinner table, or playing puzzle in the babyhouse attempting to kill some time,the little-bit-hard waiting time.
So nice, all the neighbour relatives and friends are together here,even some cousins long-time-no-see.Are they all here for Jenny’s birthday?What a surprise,but…
What’s up and why ? Why their expression so sad ? And why the panic appears up on these eyes drown with sorrows for a while? The old ladies beginning crossing their hearts,and my Jennifer,my be-loved little Jenny,why your cheek stained by tears? Who,who,who hurt you and made you so sad,made so many people come here to defend?Could this kind of incident——wish it’s not that one I think,that’s so cruel——must keep secrecy to her dad?
Don’t cry,don’t cry,my sweet little Jenny,this is your gift for birthday.Your favourite unicorn,with a shinning silver star on the corn.It’s your birthday,how could dad be absent?What? What?How could daddy leave you? How could I gone to somewhere far far away and never come back?Then who will be here to love you,to protect you ,my Jenny?
What’s up,what’s up?Why are they screaming so scared?Why dear Rebecca glare at me like that? Do not push me away so rude,I’m just here for Jenny’s gift .What are they talking about?What incident,who’s death?Why,why everything now gets wrong?Little Jenny,little Jenny, how could father hurt you a finger?
Why my sisters begin to shout,why my bothers push me out of door?
Who are these guys?Breaking our front-door ,so rude! Stop! Stop! I don’t care who you are! No way entering our door! No way to treat my Jenny like that! How could you treat a kid like that,make her crying out so loud and scared? No,No,DON’T TAKE MY FAMILY AWAY!
Who are you ? Who are you ?Why in such weired uniform, why calling me such a weird name like that?069? I just,I just come here for giving birthday present to my daughter…
Jennifer,Jennifer,Jenny,I’m sorry…This time,daddy have to go, really…