Item #: SCP-3151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3151 is to be kept in a 8m x 8m padded enclosure, with cushioning 20 mm thick. Lighting must be kept dim, as long periods of harsh light can enrage SCP-3151. There must be no reflective surfaces within the cell at any time, as this can also provoke it.

The instance of an attempted breach by SCP-3151 is to be dealt with carefully. SCP-3151 is to be tranquilized and restrained to the floor for 20 minutes, in order to let its outbursts of rage settle. Personnel should never enter SCP-3151's chamber without some sort of protection from the waves of force SCP-3151 can emit when angered. It is also preferable to have additional support, i.e a dartman or a small child.

Description: SCP-3151 is a tall, lanky creature standing at 5m tall, but is often forced into a crouching position from the weight of its head. The most notable feature of SCP-3151 is the horrifically malformed skull it possesses, the head itself being 1m long. The skull resembles that of a Gharial, long and tapered. SCP-3151 lacks the ability to full close its mouth, due to the many jagged but blunt teeth that line it. Although the teeth themselves lacking sharpness, like that of a human's, it makes up for it in bite force. SCP-3151 can snap its gaping, clumsy jaws shut with a force of 17,820 newtons.

Although the head and skull of this anomaly resemble that of a reptile, SCP-3151's features are eerily human-like. The ears, eyes, and nose of SCP-3151 bare a resemblance to humanoid ones. It has skin, not scales, and is entirely bipedal. The torso, if you can even call it that, is an oversized ribcage that lacks any sort of arms. Where the shoulder blades should have been, there are a set of two bony plates protruding from SCP-3151's back. It's legs are small, emaciated, and disproportional. Instead of normal human or reptilian feet, SCP-3151 possesses a three-toed claw foot, with surprising dexterity. In order to test intellect and learning ability, Dr. ██████ and his team gave SCP-3151 a pen and lined paper. At first, it chewed on the ballpoint utensil for a bit. Then, out of the blue, it began writing down sentences onto the sheet of paper. When it was retrieved, it read:

i dont like being a freak.
let me go.
i wanna see mommy again.

Obviously, SCP-3151 wasn't very literate, but it knew how to read and write. This will be explored later.

The behaviour of SCP-3151 is puzzling. When around adults, it shows aggression, snapping at and growling at the person in question. When exposed to a small child, however, SCP-3151 shows no signs of aggression. It just stares, refusing to draw near.

SCP-3151's most notable ability is it's method of subduing an enemy. Within a 5m radius of SCP-3151, if you appear as a threat, will set out a wave of unknown force. Within two seconds, you will begin to feel your body temperature rise. Soon after, you will drop the the ground, writhing in agony. "It feels like your organs are being ripped apart from the inside." Reports one surviving Class-D. While you are vulnerable, SCP-3151 will take your head in its jaws, and lop it clean off. If you manage to escape SCP-3151's bite, the pain will wear off in 5 minutes or so. This force does not inflict any physical damage.

Although it can subdue you and quickly end your life, SCP-3151 is easy to get back under control. A high-potency sleeping dart, being physically restrained, exposure to a child, or the use of SCP-999 have been proven effective of stopping it.

Currently a WIP. I would love if you could fix any errors or re-word sentences if you wish. This is my first SCP, which the concept of it was a suggestion from a friend, so I went on and made a draft for it. Give me some feedback. It helps.