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Welcome to the SCP Foundation Virtual Lounge!

The SCP foundation Virtual Lounge has been created to provide personnel living on Foundation sites with a means of recreation and casual communication with other employees.

The SCP Foundation Virtual Lounge attempts to simulate social media websites that personnel do not have access to while living onsite. Personnel can make 'posts' consisting of text or an image and can respond to posts with brief comments. The user interface is still under development, and while functional, its appearance is not in its final state.


The Virtual Lounge is restricted to personnel of Level 2 security clearance and above. Hazardous information and information restricted to security level 3 or higher may not be shared on the Virtual Lounge. All content on the Virtual Lounge is to be treated as Level 2 restricted data and viewed only in secure environments. Personnel should rely on official Foundation publications for news and updates, as the authenticity of information posted on the Virtual Lounge cannot be guaranteed.

Posts (Sort by - Oldest first):

Title: Hello from Site-19!
Poster: Dr. Stevens L3
Date: 19:37 11/23/2018
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Title: Hi from Site-37
Poster: Agent Clark L3
Date: 19:38 11/23/2018
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Title: Greetings from the multi-U department!
Poster: Dr. Huang L2
Date: 19:45 11/23/2018
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