UraniumEmpire's Laboratory
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Item #: SCP-4420 Level 3/4420
Object Class: Keter Classified



Special Containment Procedures: Members of GOI-216 ("Children of the Unseelie Queen") are to perform all rituals associated with slowing the rate of SCP-4420-1's expansion that cannot be performed by Foundation personnel. The current High Priestess and Cardinal Dreadlords of GOI-216 are to be taken to prepare for Procedure-06-Zoroaster 1 hour before the predicted start of each Sermon Event. At least one member of GOI-216 is to watch for the start of a Sermon Event from the topmost western platform. All members of GOI-216 are to wear iron bracelets outside of rituals.

Response Team Tet-6 ("Achtung!") is permanently assigned to the area around SCP-4420. Civilians entering within 2 km of SCP-4420 are to be turned back. Should this fail, subjects affected by SCP-4420-1 are to be detained and amnesticized.

Tower structures built within 5 km of SCP-4420 are to be bought out and destroyed. Foundation agents have been assigned to every structure suitable for SCP-4420 infection within a 30 km radius of SCP-4420. Personnel are to destroy said structure in the case of SCP-4420 infection. Mobile Task Force Theta-36 ("Swedish Rhapsody") is to respond to with any infected structure outside of this area. Detainment of civilians and personnel affected by SCP-4420-1 is a Delta-level priority.

Members of RT-Tet-6 must score at least 48 on the Psionic Resistance Index, and are disallowed from being within SCP-4420-1 for more than 2 consecutive hours. Personnel assigned to SCP-4420 are strongly encouraged not to respond to attempts at communication by SCP-4420. All personnel are to undergo monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Personnel with 4/4420 clearance are to read Document 4420-A at the nearest opportunity.

Description: SCP-4420 appears to be a radio tower located in ██████, Switzerland; however, it is incapable of sending or receiving broadcasts. SCP-4420 is supposedly sapient and capable of engaging in two-way telepathic communication with any sapient being within SCP-4420-1 itself, although its interactions are limited to threats and Sermon Events.

SCP-4420 cycles between passive and active states. In its passive state, SCP-4420-1 will expand at a rate of 33 cm per second1. SCP-4420 transitions into an active state upon the beginning of a Sermon Event.

Sermon Events begin whenever the sun can be seen touching the horizon from the topmost western platform, designated the Occasus Point. During Sermon Events, SCP-4420 begins a telepathically projected speech of unknown length. This speech has been consistent across all Sermon Events. At certain points in the speech, SCP-4420-1 will expand by 1-7 meters. Sermon Events can be ended through application of Procedure-06-Zoroaster.

SCP-4420-1 is the range at which SCP-4420 can project telepathic signals. Sapient entities within this range are susceptible to a psychic hazard wherein their consciousness can be overridden by SCP-4420. The rate at which consciousness is overridden correlates to the subjects' Psionic Resistance Index, and has been recorded as taking as little as thirty minutes of exposure in the average human2.

SCP-4420-1 infected individuals have adopted an unidentified religious faith in all cases, and display full knowledge of the corresponding religious scripture and rituals, much of which are anomalous in nature. In addition, subjects display hostility towards all other religions, and will attempt to subvert their practice by any means possible.

When at least 3 infected individuals converge, they will attempt to perform an unidentified ritual on a tower structure3 as soon as possible. In all cases, affected towers will immediately begin to replicate SCP-4420's anomalous effects.

Addendum [4420-H]: Members of GOI-216 identify SCP-4420 in their mythology as Lygobali, the god of lies and death, who had previously killed 4 other gods at a feast while inebriated and was bound to one of his prayer altars as a result.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a lightless cell manned by Automated Containment System GGM-2677, the containment system responsible for the automated care, containment, and hypothetical recapture of SCP-XXXX. Automated Containment System GGM-2677 is expected to shine a yellow light on SCP-XXXX at 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 for a duration of 30 minutes. Aside from this, Automated Containment System GGM-2677 may decide to schedule activities for SCP-XXXX, submitted for approval at least one week in advance. Automated Containment System GGM-2677 is scheduled for maintenance on a bimonthly basis.

Following Incident GGM-2677-G, SCP-XXXX is to be placed in a Type-B Canid Containment Cell removed from Automated Containment System GGM-2677. Feeding is to be done manually for 30 minutes once every 8 hours, and activities are to be scheduled by the current head researcher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a hairless quadrupedal entity approximately 2 meter in height and 3 meters in length. SCP-XXXX currently weighs approximately 130 kg. SCP-XXXX exudes a translucent viscous substance that is corrosive to human skin. SCP-XXXX's limbs end in pointed tips. Aside from an eye spot, SCP-XXXX lacks any noticeable facial features.

SCP-XXXX appears to posses a light-based metabolism. If SCP-XXXX's eye spot is not exposed to light between 550 and 650 nm wavelengths, it will become lethargic and gradually lose weight. If exposed to the same light for extended periods of time, SCP-XXXX will display what appear to be signs of agitation and will gradually gain weight. Currently, 90 minutes of exposure per day appears to keep SCP-XXXX at a stable weight.

SCP-XXXX's behavior is similar to that of a domestic dog. SCP-XXXX shows an aversion to humans, to the point of attempting to refuse feedings in their presence.

Addendum [XXXX-192]: Excerpt from Containment Specialist Nasser's report.

Following Incident XXXX-2A, after several months of construction, Automated Containment System GGM-2677 was successfully installed to help facilitate a better environment for SCP-XXXX. As of 22/12/2122, one month after SCP-XXXX was introduced into the cell controlled by Automated Containment System GGM-2677, SCP-XXXX appears to be more active than it had previously been, actively engaging in play with Automated Containment System GGM-2677.

Addendum: [XXXX-263]: Following Incident GGM-2677-G, SCP-XXXX has been removed from the care of Automated Containment System GGM-2677.