Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the fact that SCP-3XXX cannot be moved, the lab which it was discovered in is to be cordoned off from the rest of the facility it is part of. Any civilians attempting to enter the lab are to be told that it is closed due to concerns regarding the structural integrity of the building.

Experimentation or other use regarding SCP-3XXX is to only be carried out by personnel with a clearance level of 2 or higher who have permission from the Director of Site-881.

Revision 8/8/2022: Methods of permanently ceasing activity of SCP-3XXX or otherwise containing it are currently being developed. See Addendum 3XXX-1 for details.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a space-time anomaly located in the a research lab in the basement of the University of ██████████, ███ ███████. SCP-3XXX is a sphere roughly 22cm in diameter, due to the nature of SCP-3XXX, precisely measuring it is near impossible.

Any object which completely or partially enters SCP-3XXX exits the anomaly on the diametrically opposite side of the sphere (E.g. a pencil inserted halfway into SCP-3XXX results in the front half of the pencil exiting the anomaly opposite the entry point). It appears that matter "skips over" the space which SCP-3XXX occupies. Objects with mechanical or otherwise moving parts which enter SCP-3XXX retain all functionality despite now being on opposite sides of the anomaly.

Discovery: SCP-3XXX was discovered on 21/7/2022 by personnel who were embedded into the University research department at the time. SCP-3XXX was the result of a teleportation experiment conducted by Senior Researcher Francis Miller. The goal of the experiment was to teleport a baseball from one chamber 1.5 meters into another chamber. The experiment was successful, however the results were not entirely as predicted. The original chamber, where the baseball was prior to the experiment, now held SCP-3XXX.

Researcher Miller and all assistants present during the experiment were administered Class-A Amnestics and returned to their homes. All traces of the experiment were erased from University archives.

Addendum 3XXX-1: On 8/8/2022 it was observed that SCP-3XXX had noticeably grown in the 26 hours since the previous experiment. SCP-3XXX appears to be growing exponentially at a rate of [REDACTED]. SCP-3XXX is expected to reach the size of the Earth on 10/12/20██. Any and all methods for stopping the expansion of SCP-3XXX are to be tested as soon as possible. SCP-3XXX is to be reclassified as Keter until it can be permanently contained.