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Item #: SCP-[placeholder]

Object Class: Safe (Possible Euclid, awaiting O5 review)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[placeholder] is to be contained within Locker 17 on Site-[placeholder]. Object should not be used for recreational purposes at this time unless Level 4 approval is given.

Description: SCP-[placeholder]'s normal appearance is a standard six-sided white ceramic die with black pips. Object is known to change colors of pips and surrounding material at random. Pips are also known to change shape into much more complex shapes, most of which not seen on non-anomalous dice. Object is also known to change shape and size in accordance with the die needed for the game and to accommodate space for larger pips.

SCP-[placeholder]'s other anomalies become apparent when used as a game die. All members of the game being played where SCP-[placeholder] is being used, the players are compelled to continue play until a conclusion is reached, unless something considered by . Each member has instantaneously gains extremely detailed information on the game's rules, even without prior knowledge. All players also receive a telpahtic connection to all other players whilst gameplay is active. When told by outside members to break the rules, players will simply respond with a blunt "no" or something similar.

Gameplay will remain active until the game is over or all players agree telepathic to "pause" the game. When gameplay is over or paused, the telpathic connection is immediately severed, although all players retain knowledge of all events. When all players agree verbally to "unpause" the game, all players receive instant knowledge of which player was to make a move next, and the exact layout of the game when it was paused.

Other anomalies recorded are when in use during a game session, the color, pip color, and pip shape change at a highly accelerated rate. The object also when rolled, will display the same amount of pips on all sides. Object is also known to sometimes display a carved number rather than pips. If being used along side a second die, SCP-[placeholder] will carry its affects over to the non-anomalous die until the game is paused or has reached a conclusion.

The last anomalies detected are mind-affecting. When instructed to complete a task or to stop playing, all players must believe what has been requested of them to be of greater importance than finishing the game. Any attempt to disrupt or sabotage the game or physically harm a player is met with the instant change of opinion that they should not disturb the game or players in any way unless necessary. If even one player deems a requested task less important, gameplay resumes undisturbed.

Recovery Log: