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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept in a reinforced, guarded containment room. No objects or persons are allowed in this room without express permission.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an artificially intelligent mechanical construct. SCP-XXXX's form is composed of a spherical central mass holding its main circuitry and hardware. Two flexible metal "legs" extend downward from this mass, along with two similar "arms" extending from its sides. These appendages are facilitated with gripping implements, allowing it to move and manipulate objects. An LED screen is attached to the front of the sphere, displaying a "smiley face" symbol and the word "Robby". It is unknown where SCP-XXXX draws power from to maintain its operation. Attempts to reverse engineer SCP-XXXX have failed due to its hostile nature.

SCP-XXXX will use objects around itself to build augmentations for itself, which it will attach to its mass. SCP-XXXX is currently 4x larger than its original size because of this. Augmentations SCP-XXXX has created for itself include:

  • A storage compartment composed of multiple pizza boxes and duct tape
  • A leather toolbelt holding several syringes
  • A fork connected to the engine of a modified hair dryer, which draws power from its central mass, forming a taser-like weapon
  • A protective carcass composed of a variety of materials including nylon, fabrics, and organic material

SCP-XXXX will do everything in its power to acquire as much human brain matter as possible as possible to inject them with various chemical solutions. An estimated 154 persons have been killed by SCP-XXXX for this purpose. SCP-XXXX is highly intelligent, and has a high aptitude for learning. SCP-XXXX possesses knowledge of advance concepts in engineering, chemistry, biology, and human anatomy, among others. SCP-XXXX gained this knowledge primarily through research on the internet.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in the home of ███████████████, which it was using as a base of operations. SCP-XXXX used the home´s computer to post advertisements on various websites such as Craiglist, Ebay, and Amazon in order to lure humans into the home. SCP-XXXX would then subdue these persons, and inject them with a variety of chemicals. SCP-XXXX created these chemicals using its knowledge of chemistry and materials in and nearby the home. Materials identified in these chemical solutions include peanut butter, magnesium, chapstick, dish soap, grass, and Cheerios brand cereal, among others.

Once SCP-XXXX has injected these persons with its chemicals, the person will enter a period of unconsciousness for a period of time. During this time, body parts separated from these persons will maintain function for 10x longer than average, and rates of bleeding will be slowed significantly. SCP-XXXX will proceed to dissect the body using surgical tools it has created. SCP-XXXX will remove the brain from the subject and remove all portions of the brain except for the areas responsible for a base level of cognition and the production of dopamine and serotonin. SCP-XXXX will then inject various feeds of a separate chemical solution into it. SCP-XXXX will then submerge the brain into a chemical bath. SCP-XXXX used the home's bathtub for this purpose. The brain will continue to function indefinitely. Occasionally, brains will engage in what is thought to be self-termination, convulsing for a period of time before ceasing all functions.

SCP-XXXX resisted and successfully evaded capture by Foundation personnel 3 times, changing the location of its activities each time before it was successfully contained. Afterwards, SCP-XXXX breached containment 3 times during initial testing of its properties. To prevent further breaches, no further testing is to be performed on SCP-XXXX.

Upon first contact with SCP-XXXX, the entity played a short audio file presumably from a speaker located on its central mass. The voice heard on the file is confirmed to belong to the owner of the home in which SCP-XXXX was first discovered. This audio file is transcribed below:


Hello, this is James Wurthford speaking. If you're hearing this, you've probably found Robbie, my little creation.
I've been working in the field of AI for quite a while now, and Robbie here is the result of about 2 years of construction and programming, which I did on my free time. Now don't worry, Robbie doesn't have a consciousness or any emotions, all he can do is learn. You don't have to worry about any sci-fi stuff happening *chuckling*. I know the general public is a little weary abou these kinds of things. Unfortunately, it seems my time's almost up. Lung cancer. Been fighting it for about 4 years now, but it seems its finally won. *chuckling* Honestly, its taking all my energy just to record this message.
Anyway, the reason I created Robbie is, well…
[several seconds of silcence]
My son…who's name is also Robby, he uh…he took his life. A couple years ago. I tried to be there for him, tried to help him, but it seems I failed. I blamed myself everyday for what happened. I still do.
So when the cancer hit, I figured I would use my last years alive to do something meaningful, to leave a mark on the world. I wanted to create something that would succeed where I failed.
I've programmed little Robby here with the sole purpose of making as many people as happy as possible. It's kind of a vague goal, but I think the little guy can handle it. Hell, I even equipped him with his little broom, in case he wants to do any public service *chuckling*.
Anyway, you've heard me ramble on long enough. Take care of Robbie, alright? I hope you and him can do great things together.
See you on the other side.