How to Write an SCP

Other SCP ideas:

  1. A Euclid-class entity that is similar in a way to SCP-3024, but is an anomalous, uncontainable but apparently helpful entity that curates the files of Foundation, pruning them for grammar and syntax.

Concept: Humanoid monster that used be a US Navy Corpsman that transformed into SCP-3███. Passive and friendly to US Military / NATO servicemen, hostile to perceived hostiles. Becomes hostile to entities attempting to harm, deride, or separate SCP-3███ from US Military personnel.

Item # : SCP-3███
Object Class: Euclid
Name: "The Corpseman"

Special Contain Procedures: SCP-3███ is to be contained in a standard containment cell.

Description: SCP-3███ is a humanoid resembling a Caucasian male of 20 years of age standing at about seven (7) feet in height, bent at the back into a semi-hunched posture, and with considerable muscle growth. SCP-3███ wears the remains of a United States Navy Corpsman uniform complete with M1 helmet attached to the [REDACTED] of the 1st Division of the United States Marine Corps. SCP-3███'s body is covered in superficial cuts, bruising, and sores, and its flesh is perforated with hundreds of pieces of shrapnel, bullets of calibers correspondent to Chinese weaponry in November of 1950, and a single bayonet embedded in the lower right rib cage. SCP-3███ does not show any distress at these injuries and has rarely shown reaction to new injuries that would be lethal to a normal human.

SCP-3███, though apparently sentient, has not proven itself capable of speech.

SCP-3███'s body does not synthesize usual human bodily fluids. It does generate sweat, the glands in the mouth that would normally produce saliva instead synthesize morphine, and it synthesizes blood only attending to a wounded person, and always of the exact blood type. Other anomalous physiological properties include a total immunity to temperatures from -80° Fahrenheit to 150° Fahrenheit.

Notes from first interaction with SCP community (chat):

  1. Construct a narrative
  2. Item is not wacky enough to carry itself
  3. "Run with the premise"

Please note that at this time this SCP is under construction.

Idea board

  1. Rather than being able to imbibe anything, perhaps SCP-3███ can only imbibe liquids

Item # : SCP-3███
Object Class: Keter
Name: "The God in the Bottle"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3??? is to be placed on a round, one (1) foot-diameter coffee table. This table is to be placed in the center of a ten (10) foot x ten (10) foot containment room and is to be observed near constantly. Under no circumstances is SCP-3███ allowed to be any position but upright.

Description: SCP-3███ is a seemingly innocuous bottle made of glass, measuring 3.1” in diameter at the widest and 12” tall. On the base of the bottle is a stamp identifying it as being bottled in Stuttgart, Germany in 1912. At some point in time, the bottle found itself travelling east, where it found its way into the Aral Sea, likely some time in the late 1950s. It is unknown exactly how much water was absorbed into the bottle, but it is known that the bottle was not entirely responsible for the depletion and disappearance of the Aral Sea.

SCP-3███-A is an entity that resembles a Caucasian male of indeterminate age that, according to its own word, "lives" inside SCP-███ and appears to be unable to leave SCP-3███ at his own discretion.