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A fully converted instance of SCP-#-J-A.

Item #: SCP-#-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all electronic devices containing the mobile application "Snapchat" are to be confiscated until further notice. All images containing SCP-# are to be deleted immediately. All instances of SCP-#-A are to be detained in a standard humanoid holding cell in Site-██.

Description: SCP-# is a 3D model "Snapchat filter" depicting a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and an unidentifiable vegetative substance. SCP-# has 2 limbs resembling arms and 2 limbs resembling legs, both consisting of the same hot dog meat as his body. Near the top of his body is a simple cartoonish face made up of a single line smile, 2 eye dots, and 2 corresponding eyebrows. He wears a pair of headphones, but it can not be matched with any existing headphones. The app "Snapchat" allows users to insert SCP-# into media they record. He will dance to music, and occasionally spin on his hands.

SCP-#'s Keter classification comes from its extreme cognito-hazard . Upon viewing SCP-#, persons will have their neural network rewired, giving a currently unknown and powerful entity complete control.

Infected persons will start to mimic SCP-#, and after a period of no less than 7 days will start to show physical attributes of SCP-#, slowly morphing into SCP-#-A. SCP-#-A will seek out any person not infected with SCP-# and attempt to infect them by any means necessary. This is usually by carrying the around the original device they were infected by still displaying the congito-hazardous material, and forcing their victims to view it. They are aggressive and will use physical force. This is generally in the form of holding people down.

SCP-#-A can be easily destroyed by physical means, such as small arms fire, explosives, or fire.

In the case of containment breach, SCP-# could self replicate rapidly and spread uncontrollably, causing an CK-class end of the world scenario. Foundation simulations estimate it would take a period of 3 years before all of humanity had been converted into SCP-#-A.

Addendum: An instance of SCP-# was found in a hidden file location on the Foundation data base. This caused a small containment breach in Site-██, eventually spreading to [DATA EXPUNGED], a small nearby town with a population of 4,325. This lead to the infection of 153 persons. Foundation personnel were able to detain or destroy all instances of SCP-#-A and administered Class-A amnestics to the remaining populous. The instance of SCP-# was wiped from the data base.