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SCP-x on its bed.

Item #: SCP-x
Object Class: Safe Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-x is to be kept in a 9 by 9 meter humanoid containment cell, and is to be provided with one (1) bed, one (1) desk and chair, several books of fiction and non-fiction, two (2) framed paintings of its choosing, as well as a globe of planet Earth.
Subject is to be provided with pencils, pens, paint and paper so it may create art as it pleases. Subject is to be allowed to hang said art on its cell walls. Personnel may assist it in hanging its works as need be.
SCP-x is allowed to leave its containment, and explore Level 0 and common areas, provided that it notify attending security personnel before it leaves. Leaving containment without permission will result in appropriate punishment.

SCP-x is allowed to have personnel visit and interact with it, but it must be approved by Doctor R█████.

Description: Subject is a 2.1 meter tall humanoid of unidentifiable race or sex. Its body is composed of an unknown, black, flesh-like material that is incapable of testing due to the nature of SCP-x’s intangible nature.
It lacks any and all facial features, which does not hinder the Subject in any way, as it can communicate without an oral construct for doing so. It has been proven to be able to see and hear, as well, but is unable to smell. How it is capable of communication and oral senses is largely unknown, but SCP-x claims to be “just able to”.
Both arms of SCP-x are largely disproportionate to its body, the ends of its fingers nearly reaching its ankles (1.3 meters). It is unable to use its hands to a full extent.

SCP-x wears a large, black cloak that personnel have been unable to remove or discover where the clothing ends and the Subject begins. It is presumed that the clothing is part of the Subject.

Subject is of a despondent nature, and personnel report it is often lethargic. It often describes its life as pointless, and that it wishes to perish for unknown reasons. It has shown signs of Manic Depression, though it is unconfirmed whether or not this is simply how the subject is, or if it is a developed condition.

To remedy this, Foundation personnel attempted psychiatric therapy, but the subject is adverse to discussing its psychological health. However, a suggestion by its assigned therapist has lead it to become an avid artist, and it has reported that drawing pictures has helped it feel less depressed, leading personnel to believe it may not be in the subjects standard nature to be chronically depressed. It has also reported frustration with its hands, as they cannot hold a pencil properly. Despite this, the subject has learned alternative methods of holding a writing utensil, thus enabling it to draw to an extent it is pleased with.

Despite its emotional condition, the subject has shown that it is extremely intelligent, and well-spoken. When given a standard IQ test, the subject scored ███, putting it above most, if not all, recorded geniuses, and even some of the scored SCP’s within containment.

SCP-x currently shows no signs of unusual phenomena at the time of writing this, besides its outward appearance and intangibility.

Notes: Bi-Weekly therapy sessions are required. These can also serve as formal interviews, as desired by the overseeing personnel.

Addendum x-1A, [██-██-198█]: A personnel member who entered SCP-x’s cell to deliver it more paper discovered that the subject is capable of unusual phenomena. Upon entering the cell, the personnel member discovered that the pictures SCP-x had drawn were animate on the paper. The drawings, which were numerous, crudely drawn eyes that the subject had hung up on its walls, were following the personnel’s movements around the room. The subject reported being able to see through the eyes.

Further testing revealed that anything drawn by SCP-x acted as a window that it could see through, regardless of the content of the drawn image. The ability seemingly has no limit in regards to distance, as the subject was able to see through an image taken to Site without any issues.

Dr. R█████, the overseer to SCP-x’s case, desired to find a way to make use of this ability, and explore the possibility of changing its status to Thaumiel.

Interview x-█, [██-██-198█]:

Interviewed: SCP-x
Interviewer: Dr. R█████
Foreward: Interview conducted shortly after the discovery of SCP-x’s ability. An interview disguised as a therapy session.

Addendum x-1A, [██-██-198█]: Thaumiel status approved. SCP-x is to conduct Foundation observation with monitoring by personnel.
Subject was given multiple personal belongings for its cell, and special freedom privileges which allow it to roam the site as it desires, under monitoring by CCTV.