Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX Is to be in an underground 10x10m room with alluminium walls. Food or personnel are to enter through a trapdoor on the ceiling which is remotely opened. SCP Is to be monitered through sensors and [Disorted Text].

SCP XXXX Is a spider like creature reaching approximately 5ft in height and weighs 254 pounds. The specimens head contains no skin or muscle. It is unknown how SCP XXXX can even move its head/skull. SCP XXXX Has an unidentified substance in its bite that causes the victim to slowly decompose. SCP XXXX Remains completely invisible to subjects who are unaware of its presence. Once SCP XXXX Has drawn attention to itself the specimen will become visible to the subject.

SCP XXXX Is extremely hostile and will attack anyone it sees. After it has killed its victim, SCP XXXX Will start to scream in an unidentified language until the victim has fully decomposed.