The 13th Floor

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SCP-XXXX as recorded by subject D-76490's camera


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The location of the anomaly is to be classified as a G3 site. Elevator entrances to SCP-XXXX are to be monitored with constant video surveillance. The elevator is accessible only with supervision from attending guard. The air ducts leading to the shaft has been sealed off with grates. The apartment building is to carry on its public function.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of an extra level in the Huntington Vale apartment building in Washington, DC. The building is a 5 story building built in a Victorian style. SCP-XXXX is only accessible through a maintenance elevator at the back.

The elevator that leads to SCP-XXXX is a standard maintenance elevator. Unlike the main lobby elevator, it has a button for the 13th floor marked '13'. Attempts to observe the elevator in transit through the shaft has caused the elevator to stall. Video recordings and cameras produces the same result. Attempts to enter the elevator through the maintenance trap door in the lift ceiling while stalled have remained unsuccessful. There are no entrance in the shaft to indicate the existence of the 13th floor. Measurements made using tape and other manual means indicate the elevator shaft to be 30 meters in height as compared to the buildings' 25 meters. Measuring the shaft height with electronics has produced results of 65 meters altitude.

Entering SCP-XXXX via the elevator will bring the subjects to a large empty office. Subjects that enter SCP-XXXX states not remembering stepping out into the office. Video and audio recordings are disrupted during the time when entering SCP-XXXX. The elevator doors remains open for approximately 10 seconds upon first entering. Failure to reenter the elevator within the time causes the door to close. All electronics equipment including video and audio recorders have inexplicably failed upon the doors closing. Watches continues to function

The elevator can be called back again but would take any time between 1 to 5 days to return. Stepping back into the elevator causes subjects to enter the elevator or stairwell of SCP-XXXX, depending on how they entered the 13th floor. They can then return back to the ground floor via normal methods. Failure to enter the elevator on it's return has caused subjects to dissapear. While subjects are in SCP-XXXX, the elevator of the building continues to functions as per normal. Upon first entering, Type A personalities state feeling a sense of empowerment while Type B experiences an overwhelming sense of dread. Prolonged stay in SCP-XXXX will cause subjects to have a psychotic break, with Type A developing symptoms classified as schizophrenia and Type B with major depression with suicidal tendencies. The time it takes for the effect to happen varies.

The entire office is filled with cubicles of blue and white design and green chairs and seems to stretch out infinitely. There are computer terminals at each desk but all of them displays only a blue screen. A humanoid dressed in a black suit and bowler hat (hereby termed SCP-XXXX-1) can be seen in the distant. Attempts to reach SCP-XXXX-1 has been unsuccessful.

According to statements and journals recorded, personnel and subjects sent to explore SCP-XXXX have reported seeing the missing people sitting at various desks around the office (hereby termed SCP-XXXX-2), including those that were confirmed to have committed suicide or were killed otherwise while under the effects of SCP-XXXX and were considered deceased. SCP-XXXX-2s are noted to be constantly typing "There is no outside. There is only us. We are clockwork. The Boss (theorized to be SCP-XXXX-1) is watching." on the keyboard of the desks but the screen remains blank. SCP-XXXX-2s does not respond to verbal communication. Attempts to physically remove them from their seats cause a loud screeching scream seemingly from SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-2s will get up from their seats and run towards SCP-XXXX-1, disappearing into the cubicles.

Containment log: SCP-XXXX first came to the attention of the foundation when four maintenance worker went missing on 17/07/2010, with a fifth reappearing 3 days later, showing signs of severe mental regression and schizophrenic tendencies. His statement was incoherent and was sent to Sector-07 for treatment and investigation.