Vemahk Sandbox (SCP-33XX Draft)
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Item #: SCP-33XX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-33XX is to be contained with SCP-33XX-1 in a humanoid containment cell within Site-06-3, with modifications to the walls and the single door to be fifty (50) cm thick at least and comprised of steel. Two armed guards should be posted outside the door, and 24-hour surveillance is required due to the ingenuity SCP-33XX-1 shows when left alone for excessive periods of time.

During conversation with SCP-33XX, it is encouraged that personnel converse with SCP-33XX-1 as if he were SCP-33XX itself. Despite this, SCP-33XX-1 will either refer to SCP-33XX as ‘it’ or ██████████.

SCP-33XX has been classified as Safe because of its passivity and willingness to comply with the Foundation. Following the events of Experiment 33XX-7, SCP-33XX has been reclassified to Euclid. In addition to this, only Level 4 personnel are now allowed to enter SCP-33XX’s containment cell. Entry must otherwise be approved by two (2) Level 4 personnel. All further research beyond Experiment 33XX-7 should be approved by at least four (4) Level 4 personnel, and in the event of cross-testing with other SCPs, an O5 should be notified.

Description: SCP-33XX itself is an amorphous brown mass that has attached itself to the back of SCP-33XX-1. Based upon current test results, SCP-33XX appears to be irremovable from SCP-33XX-1, and it is theorized that any successful attempt to do so will result in SCP-33XX-1’s death. Limited scans have detailed that SCP-33XX has attached itself to parts of SCP-33XX-1’s brain1. Despite this, SCP-33XX appears to have no active effect on SCP-33XX-1's actions, though SCP-33XX has been observed to take control of SCP-33XX-1's body in cases that he is rendered unconscious (see Experiment 33XX-3).

SCP-33XX-1 is a non-anomalous Caucasian male who has been identified as ███████ ███████, with a previous residence of [DATA EXPUNGED] before acquisition of SCP-33XX on ██/██/20██2.

SCP-33XX exhibits the ability to harden to extreme levels so as to fully protect itself and SCP-33XX-1 from any known kind of attack or invasion. Before hardening however, it is able to stretch itself across SCP-33XX-1’s body in any direction, form, or shape, though it has been determined to have 3 preferred stages of defense:

Defensive Stage-1: results in SCP-33XX covering SCP-33XX-1 with a chainmail-like pattern, not covering all of his skin but instead wiring itself around it and then hardening. This causes protection from large objects that cannot immediately penetrate the gaps in the ‘armor’. Though SCP-33XX has hardened, SCP-33XX-1 is still highly mobile. How the combination of these factors in achieved is currently unknown.

Defensive Stage-2: results in the full encasing of SCP-33XX-1’s body, save the mouth and eyes so SCP-33XX-1 can still see and breathe. There is no apparent difference in the level of protection this applies other than preventing the penetration of any small or sharp objects (such as blades or bullets). SCP-33XX-1 is still mobile, though noticeably less so than in Stage-1. Only the eyes and mouth appear vulnerable, but any attempt to exploit this will likely cause SCP-33XX to move into Stage-3.

Defensive Stage-3: results in the full encasing of SCP-33XX-1’s body including the eyes and mouth. Hardening prevents further movement from the subject. This stage has only been observed upon request and after much disagreement from SCP-33XX-1 (Stage-3 used voluntarily by SCP-33XX in Experiment 33XX-3). This stage is theorized to be used in an end-all situation, such as a large explosion in close proximity. No current tests have tested the range of Stage-3's abilities.3

Addendum 33XX-01: The speed at which SCP-33XX is able to move from its passive stage (residing flat against the back of SCP-33XX-1) to one of its three stages has been observed with high speed cameras and measured to be approximately 75 meters per second (see Experiment 33XX-2).

Addendum 33XX-02: Due to Experiment 33XX-3, no further attempts to remove parts of SCP-33XX from the main mass are to be attempted.

Addendum 33XX-03: Due to Experiment 33XX-7, reclassification to Euclid requested. Aggressive Stage-2 documented as being identical to Defensive Stage-2 except for the presence of what appeared to be arm-blades on each of SCP-33XX-1's arms. These blades, despite being comprised solely of SCP-33XX, were durable and sharp enough to decimate the steel blast doors designed to stop SCP-33XX-1. (Reclassification to Euclid approved)

Addendum 33XX-04: Due to the results of Experiments 33XX-9 through 33XX-13, it has been determined that cognitohazardous SCPs have no effect SCP-33XX, but they do still affect SCP-33XX-1 to a degree, though he does appear to have a higher resistance than the D-Class usually experimented with. Consideration of reclassification to Thaumiel has begun.

Addendum 33XX-05: Because of the events of Experiment 33XX-14, SCP-33XX and SCP-33XX-1 are not to be exposed to highly powerful cognitoharzards. This rendered SCP-33XX-1 in a coma-like state for █ days, with SCP-33XX reanimating his body every 8 hours to eat a 4000 calorie (as requested) meal. It is presumed that SCP-33XX was in the process of repairing SCP-33XX-1's cerebral cortex during this time. Upon reattaining consciousness, SCP-33XX-1 reported no adverse effects but described vivid memories of the events that transpired and requested passionately not to be put through such a test again. Consideration of SCP-33XX's reclassification to Thaumiel has ceased. SCP-33XX-1 appears to be too vulnerable at this time to cognitohazards for any useful service to the Foundation4.

To readers, from author: drew a blank on Exp. 7. I may just leave this SCP with 1-3, seeing as how this article is long enough as it is. Thoughts?