Train exposed to SCP-1906-1 pulling into Hampstead station.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

As SCP-1906 has very specific activation requirements, a low risk of manifesting and proximity to heavily urbanised areas it been deemed too expensive to reroute train services around SCP-XXXX. Also as SCP-XXXX is located on a working underground line containment procedures have to ensure that service is unaffected.

An alteration to the train timetable has ensured that trains will not leave Golders Green at times where SCP-XXXX can be activated. Foundation personnel have also installed a glitch into the Northern Lines computer system that tricks the Northern Lines SCADA systems into cutting power to the third rail in the event that a train is running close to Signal Junction 258 and the time is 22:34:00.

In the unlikely event of SCP-XXXX manifesting, the train will be held at Hampsted station and Foundation personnel based at Golder's Green Depot will be dispatched. Once they are on site they shall administer Class-A amnesiacs to any affected persons and send them to reprogramming. The train will be deep cleaned and any passengers unaccounted for will be classed as “Missing” on official documents. Any CCTV taken by Transport For London will be sent for expunging.


SCP-XXXX manifests as an event which occurs when a southbound Northern line train passes signal junction 258 between Golders Green and Hampstead at 22:34:03 UTC.

When the train passes this point at this exact time, the passengers of the train are subjected to an inter-dimensional shift. Passengers affected will arrive at North End station. This station currently doesn't appear on any Transport For London maps or other branding and is a station that was closed during construction while half built.

Dr. ██████████ (Disguised) Standing at exact location of Signal Junction 258

This station appears as any other station on this branch of the Northern Line complete with similar architecture and building materials. Foundation mapping teams have found that the station is built exactly to the station blueprints from 19██ but contains technology and infrastructure from later station refits and upgrades. These include passenger assistance intercoms, staff radio equipment and even access to the recently rolled out Virgin Wi-Fi. All are non functioning and attempts to connect to the station Wi-Fi fails with both mobile devices and laptops. Access to the Ticket Hall is blocked by a large shutter preventing access out of the station. Attempts to breach this shutter have been unsuccessful.

While trapped in North End station the station will attempt to force passengers off the train and into the station by using powerful hallucinations that increase in severity during the time spent in North End.
These hallucinations will differ from person to person but can include:

  • Faint sounds of talking or crying from the opposite platform.
  • Voices of loved ones emanating from the Ticket Hall.
  • Scratching noises underneath the train.
  • Subtle dimensional changes.
  • The feeling of being watched by an unseen party.
  • Feelings of intense nausea.
  • Intense feelings of loneliness and paranoia.
  • Shadows in the shape of a crowd waiting at the station.
  • Unbearable Train temperature both hot and cold.
  • Burning sensation on the extremities.
  • Crushing sensation on the chest.
  • Bleeding from the eyes and extremities.
  • Sensation of insects or other small creatures crawling under the skin.

After the train is held at this station for an hour, the train will leave North End Station. This will be announced by the door alarm going off for ten seconds. Anyone left on the platform when the train departs disappears. It is believed that they are left at the station until they expire. Rescue at this point is impossible but Foundation Personnel have reported hearing the voices of people left at the platform after their disappearance. Attempting to stop the train from leaving North End station by obstructing the doors is futile as the doors will crush any material placed between them.

The train shifts back violently at 22:34:04 UTC releasing dangerous spikes across the local power grid and temporally overloading signalling along the Northern Line. Thanks to Foundation infiltration Transport For London believe this to be a quirk of the signals design and implementation.

SCP-XXXX first came to the attention of the Foundation after an incident on ██/██/1998 when a severed arm was found in the third carriage when a train pulled into Hampstead. CCTV footage at Golders Green showed five people entering this carriage but none of the passengers could be found by Underground staff. DNA testing matched the arm to one of the passengers and no door alarms had been tripped. Blood splatter analysis later showed that the wound had been caused by the train doors.