SCP-2979 Child at Heart proposal

Item #: SCP-2979

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2979 must be contained in a small 10x12 feet reinforced glass box. This may become subject to change as tests have found that when given energy through D-Class personnel, its movement increases substantially and has been seen moving through 1-5 inch thin walls on occasions. Although capable of this, SCP-2979 seems to rather enjoy being isolated within its glass box. Along with this, SCP-2979 remains mainly nocturnal and as such light must be focused on SCP-2979 to simulate daylight and ensure less movement for staff to handle.

Description: SCP-2979 appears to be a female humanoid child wearing a plaid blue dress and bows in her blonde pigtails. The entity appears to have very pale skin, ghost-like1 and is mainly seen with its hands behind its back, staring blankly at its pointe black shoes.

SCP-2979 lures subjects in with its cries, but to have direct contact with SCP-2979 will result in an unusual phenomena, the subject making contact will slowly
darken until the only remnants of their existence is a single dark spherical entity. Similar to a pulse, the subject is returned but assuming a different appearance.
the subject is but a hologram-like pale figure that follows SCP-2979 for varying amounts of time until slowly fading away. So far all tests greatly vary in duration.
From a mere 5 minutes to nearly 4 hours. SCP-2979 seems to receive some sort of energy from the subjects it touches.

Attempts to communicate with SCP-2979 have failed and as such its intentions are unknown; but through multiple protected Class C subjects, information has been found, resulting in a single theory of SCP-2979's intentions. It, in a twisted way, believes that it's helping the people it's using.

SCP-2979 seems to approach those who are in fear or are experiencing strong emotions such as hatred and sadness much more frequently than those who remain and/or appear to show lesser fear. Approaching these subjects, SCP-2979 is seen to be offering them a flower that seems to materialize with an aroma that the Class D and C personnel claim to be “indescribable”.2 As it gets closer, SCP-2979's frown slowly becomes what appears to be a sympathetic smile.

SCP-2979 is prone to tantrums when angered but so far this has rarely been seen outside of invasive tests. These tantrums usually involve the increased volume of its crying as well as the tone change of its skin to a dark maroon.

Discovery: SCP-2979 was found and captured in ██████, New Jersey using multiple Class D personnel to draw it into a lead containment unit built with 3 inch thick walls. the unit is dimly lit using halogen lights.

SCP-2979 was further inspected after numerous reports of a child-like figure frequently roaming around ███████ pond during midnight. Following those reports were numerous others of disappearances around the area. Theories that SCP-2979 is related to these disappearances have been claimed but nine out of ten times, investigations result in little to no correlations.

Observers have also created the theory that SCP-2979 isn't the female entity but rather an entity choosing that form as tests involving electromagnetism post shipment to site-███ cause the being to change forms to a blob-like figure before turning back approximately 2 seconds later. Another theory is that SCP-2979 is a parasite feeding off the corpse of a dead child but links to an actual living female come only with one results which poke researchers in the direction of the disappearance of M████ G██████, a girl who shares a similar description, who had been lost in the early 50s. The only problem with the latter theory is that the female humanoid described had been lost in ███████, New York and lacked features described in the found 1950s lost reports.

No personnel is given permission to approach SCP-2979 unless authorized to do so. Authorization to do so will only occur through testing and observation.

SCP-2979 is not to be fed unless testing requires it. SCP-2979 does not require sustenance for survival.