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Item #: SCP-858

Object Class: Keter [Euclid before Re-classified]

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-858 is to remain permanently restrained using a multilayered, reinforced straitjacket. Following the events of incident 858–A, a titanium nail is to be inserted through both palms. This is in order to prevent SCP-858 from using his hands.
SCP-858 must always be blindfolded, personnel are not permitted to remove the blindfold.
SCP-858 must always be sealed in his chamber, consisting of a tank constructed from glass treated to resist corrosion, with a multi-layered steel wall surrounding it. The chamber is to be equipped with Air humidity dehydrator to prevent the existence of water inside the chamber,and must always been activated minimum 3x each 24 hour.
Any personel did not allowed to bring any kind of liquid from 30 away near the chamber,and required to wear The Hazardous materials suit, in order to prevent SCP-858 to detect the smell of blood when the closed to him. Any personel who enter the chamber should not have any sign of blood showing,and any scar must have been shut tight using special adhesive tape which able to perfectly neutralyze the presence of the wound and the blood. (If there is a blood on it.)
SCP-858 also need to be given only one glass of water for each days,unless if its for certain experiment procedure.
In order to prevent unpredicted event of SCP-858 behavior,any personel who enter the chamber must at least bring one bottle of portable freezing spray,a special spray developed to effectively conceal SCP-858's movement.

Description: SCP-858 is angular humanoid with the absent of any muscle mass. featuring a long nail and elastic,pointed tongue,dry anemic skin and shoulder length curly black hair. SCP-858 wear multi layered reinforced white straight jacket, his hand is crossed on his chest and binded using a large titanium nail/bolt, which cover both palm of his hand, but occasionally, SCP-858 is still seen be able to move his finger.

SCP-858 is capable of syphon any kind of liquid using it's nail, preferably blood. It work by stabbing his nail on a liquid source,preferably living creature,and use the small hollow track on the middle of his nail to manually drain the liquid until it's empty.
It can also use its tongue to absorb any form of liquid by only exposing it with his tongue, it have hundreds of micro perforated hole to suck the water, just like sponge. SCP-858 also shown to be able to extend his tongue around 50 cm ahead of his mouth, it's still unknown if it's the maximum distance of his tongue, but it's shown to be elastic.

SCP-858 also have highly concentrated accidic saliva,which can melt steel in few seconds, though he can't produce any saliva if he didn't receive sufficient enough of water.
The main purpose of his saliva is not for digesting, his body developed the corrosive saliva as his way to attack nearby living creature, and drink their body liquid.
SCP-858 also have micro needle-shapped tube below his skin,which can be used to suck the liquid of any creature which directly touch his skin. See Addendum 858-D for example of the usage.

SCP-858 also have the ability the smell any kind of water from a distant minimal 10 meter, and able to smell blood approximatelly from 30 meter away,the experiment prior the information is conducted by Dr. █████, who set a glass of water outside of his container, then replace it with blood,juice,and other liquid. The test result show that SCP-858 only can detected a digestable liquid, in other words, SCP-858 will refuse the attempt of feeding him with hazardous liquid.

SCP-858 is sensitive to high temperature,which will dehydrated his body, though SCP-858 did not show significant damage after being exposed by fire, only few burning mark appeared on the skin.
SCP-858 is highly sensitive to cold, freezing him is an effective methode to safely moved him to another container, the other methode is using fire or any other device that able to dehydrated his body liquid,rendering him weak and make him unable to attack, until the time being he is recovered.

If SCP-858 released from his straight jacket while he still on his container, he will tear his own hand to drink his own blood, even though it does not affect him or make his stronger, it's still will have bad effect, and will prevent any experiment on him,since he already have his own source of liquid. (Note : Drinking his own blood is only an act to relieve his thirst, it have no mean other than that.)

SCP-858 also able to cause extreme level of trauma to any sentient by sending unknown anomalous wavelength that directly affected brain through any eyes which lock with it's peripheral vision.

SCP-858 discovered at ████████, inside the buried ruin of ██████. It safely keep dormant inside an ancient sarcophagus. SCP-858 still take form of a dried mummyfied humanoid figure at this point, but sucesfully recovered after the attempt of [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 858-D:. A copy of an audio log prior to the the discovery of SCP-858 by ██████ Archeologist.

████ : Record log 013,we discovered an ancient sarcophagus inside the ██████. It seems to be the only sarcophagus that still contain a mummy.
███████ : This one is so old,I never found such thing on other ruin….this one is probably around ████ BC.
(sound of the sarcophagus's lid slowly opened)
███████ : Marvelous…..
████ : It's preserved so well…almost no any sign of decomposition….
███████ : This is a great discovery! we must quickly report this to ████████████
████ : Yeah,we finally found something that could really- (suddenly scream in pain)
███████ : Shit!! you startled me! what happened ?
████ : Something stab my hand when I touched this mummy! I swear!
███████ : (seems trying to observe the hand of ████) Are you sure ? your hand doesn't even bleed.
(sound of moaning slowly heard from the sarcophagus)
████ : What the……
(long pause)
(incomprehensible sound mixed with human's screaming noise)
[The rest of the audio log corrupted]

The Foundation successfully contained SCP-858 after dispatched few agents on the field,according to the eye witness, SCP-858 already recovered 75% of his dried limb at the time they found it.

SCP-858 also seems have high immunity to most physical attack while he is still not yet dehydrated. According to the field agents, SCP-858 show almost no damage to regular bullets and only focusing on gathering liquid when constantly attacked using armament as shown below :

Note : We did not provide the detail of the firearm type.
Note : SCP-858 will regenerate 5% of his body each seconds, the regeneration process will accelerate if his body is damaged more than 40%.

Armament total damage (for each bullets/unit)
Hand gun around 0.7%
Assault riffle less than 0.3%
Shot gun around 1.3%
Sniper riffle about 3% - 5%
Grenade around 20%-25%
Missiles/RPG less than 50%

The drastic change of damage received between firearm with bullets and explosive show that SCP-858 is definitelly weak to high temperature exposure.

It's still unapproved, but Dr. ███████ theorize ; that the reason SCP-858 awakened from his long dormant state is because the Archeologist touched his skin, which makes him can get a few drop of blood via the micro liquid-sucking tube of his skin,thus awakening him.

SCP-858 is contained inside a steel bar on the time he first interrogated by Dr. ███████
He was temporary contained on the steel cage in order to be interrogated safely without need to concerning about Dr. ███████ safety.

Addendum 858-A:

Dr. ███████: What is your name ?
SCP-858: …….
Dr. ███████: Can you speak on English or any other language ?
SCP-858: …….
D-091: Maybe he cant talk
Dr. ███████: Let it be,he maybe wont cooperate just- (quickly stop his sentence)
SCP 858 :(in a very low noise) Thirsty….
Dr. ███████: ….What…..?
SCP-858: ……
Dr. ███████: Okay,Let's continue…
Dr. ███████: What are you ?
SCP-858: ……
Dr. ███████: In what century did you live ?
SCP-858: ……
Dr. ███████: What is your origin ? did you even human from the beginning ?
SCP-858 : …….
D-091: I think its useless
Dr. ███████: Such shame,now I got nothing to rep— (suddenly stop talking)
SCP-858:(start to move slowly)
SCP-858: Thirsty….
SCP 858: (motionless and suddenly move really fast toward the Dr. ███████ and try to bite him)
SCP-858: IM THIRSTY !!!! (bite the steel bar,which instantly melt after exposed to his saliva)
Dr. ███████: whoa shi
D-091: The fu

(firearm fired noise)

After the incident, SCP-858 is moved to another contaminated chamber which now consist of anti-corrosive glass and reinforced steel wall. And now tied using a multi layered reinforced straight jacket, complete with the nail.
He was weakened by exposing his body to fire, in order for the agents to put him on the straight jacket, by dehydrating his body.
SCP-858 is becoming completely dry at this moment, but still able to slowly move and crawl, beging for water while trying to grab any nearby human being. Few class D agents then tied him while he unable to attack, and put the straight jacket on.

Dr. ███████████ is the one who proposed the idea of using straight jacket and steel nail, in order to prevent him using his hand to damage his container, yet make him still able to move but still restrain any of his dangerous element. (If he can't move,more people will risk themself to conduct some liquid experiment to SCP-858 from close range,and probably will ended up on them being sucked dry by SCP-858.)
The idea of using steel nail later changed by switching it with titanium, stronger to prevent him from break out from it, lighter so people could easily lift him when he is moved to another container (he is either need to be on frozen state or dehydrated,usually frozen), and more reliable to hold his corrosive saliva. (SCP-858 once try to melt the steel nail by drooling on it,literally.)

SCP-858 recovered perfectly after few hours moved to his new chamber, although he only given few glass of water.
This prove that SCP-858 able to regenerate body liquid effectivelly more than any creature ever known, regular humans would need weeks of treatment, dozens of waters, and few medicine to recover from this kind of extreme condition.