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Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Repeated military incursions and alien subversive activities perpetrated against Northeastern Africa have rendered the area of present interest chronically unstable; the following procedural minutiae are liable to change with minimal notice. For the purposes of blanket, long-term containment, these points are considered fixed:

  • Schürholz will maintain and utilize to the fullest his Office of Top Marshal until he perishes, almost unavoidably due to natural causes.
  • SCP-# is currently harboring, or is aiming to harbor, enemies of the Foundation.
  • SCP-# is a virtual nuclear power, and will attain concrete nuclear status given a four-month lapse in containment.

For the unabridged record of these supplementary containment tactics, read also: SCP-961-EX

Inspite of Foundation attempts at utmost quarantine, one or more major entities continue to engage in trade of conventional arms, medicines and miscellaneous supplies with SCP-#. These transactions are presumed to occur through the largely unmonitored Red Sea - River Nile provincial border — North Sudanese authorities again having disregarded Foundation commands. President Clinton has vehemently denied responsibility, producing a series of federally-issued CIA reports to verify the absence of American forces in the area; Premier Yeltsin has thus far failed to issue a statement of similar veracity. Given, however, the recent state of affairs in Moscow and the proximity of SCP-# to Russian assets, his Office is considered above suspicion at this time.

The world at large has demonstrated profound disinterest in SCP-# and her activities. Upon the unilateral closing of her every Egyptian harbor in 1988, Dutch and French tradesmen rerouted their vessels to dock at Port Sudan, completely without incident. Standing before the 1984 U.N. General Assembly, Ambassador Kirkpatrick promised a total overview of human rights violations but failed altogether to mention SCP-#, instead electing to condemn the incarceration of dissidents in Socialist Cuba and the alleged terrorist strikes perpetrated by the African National Congress. Several prominent members of the political intelligentsia have authored works on SCP-#1234; these writings have failed to attract public interest and are considered unworthy of suppression.

The Foundation Disinformation Bureau has prepared a comprehensive cover narrative, depicting SCP-# as the impermissible, nuclear-capable result of some North Sudanese expansionist doctrine. Dissemination is as-yet unnecessary (see above).


Left to right: Yekaterina Schürholz, Seranţă Shultz-Kovač, little Albină Shultz, Ullie Schürholz, the twins Yanna and Louisa Shultz. Image dated 1929.

Description: SCP-# is the unrecognized, self-proclaimed sovereign nation of the African Monique. Though her founding papers stress a distinct ethnic identity, her physical boundaries are poorly demarcated; in territory, she appears superimposed across the southern Red Sea Governorate and much of the Red Sea Wilayat.

Neither the Monique nor her denizens are meaningfully aberrant. Object designation has been granted on the grounds that:

  • Her policies constitute a substantial threat to continued human existence.
  • Widespread knowledge of her existence would prove catastrophic for Foundation interests, especially given the nature of her leadership.