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SCP-3695 roaming in a dark area near Mt. ████████████.

Item #: SCP-3695

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-3695, currently a region of the [REDACTED] Mountains is to be monitored by 20 Foundation drones 30 meters away from SCP-3695. If any

Description: SCP-3695 is supposedly a high temperature sphere that is 2 meters wide, and 2 meters tall. SCP-3695 has the ability to hover, and because of it's high temperature of 174°F, it radiates a yellowish-whitish color. SCP-3695 can travel up to speeds at 32 kilometers per hour, making it too accelerated to contain. What holds the structure of SCP-3695 is known to be some type of metal, it is similar to Inconel. How SCP-3695 hovers is unknown. It frequently roams around at the time of night, it periodically stalks subjects that come into approximately 6.096 meters radius of it. It generally does seem to make the subject aware and make the subject feel uncomfortable. But on rare occasions, SCP-3695's subjects might get used to SCP-3695, and might try to interact with SCP-3695.

When in contact with SCP-3695, the subject will quickly retract. This triggers the subject to provoke SCP-3695 by trying to hit it, yell at it, and even trying to kill it. This makes SCP-3695 assault the subject, burning a hole through the subject's body, but could take 1 minute to 3 minutes to burn through. Killing the subject by SCP-3695 incinerating vital organs to the subject, makes SCP-3695 attack any visible organisms by SCP-3695 at a 10 meter radius. It also radiates a crimson red after it burned through the body of the subject. After an incident of SCP-3695 has happened, the body of the subject is thought to burn away, leaving no remaining corpse. Though, ash is left behind.

Addendum: SCP-3695 came to the Foundation's attention in █/██/201█ when a traveler in [DATA REDACTED] reported a "glowing ball" in the distance. The traveler also took a picture with SCP-3695 in it to show evidence of SCP-3695 being seen. SCP-3695 is being watched with cameras in areas most likely SCP-3695 would go to, to see if behavior, appearance, and or color changes. SCP-3695 is not real, we are no longer monitoring SCP-3695.