VincentI SCP Draft:"Playing Murder"

Item #: SCP-2234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2234 is to be kept in an isolated locked weapons locker and may only be used for testing purposes with permission of at least 3 level 4 clearance staff.

Description: SCP-2234 is a flexible rubber knife with an appearance similar to that of the play set [DATA REDACTED] with an inscription of the words "The Factory" on the handle. When SCP-2234 is held by anyone who is older than 18 they will perceive the toy as a real blade, entering a state of mind causing them to charge and attempt to stab any visible forms of life. The person is now an instance of SCP-2234-1. SCP-2234-1 will attempt stab the organism but the blade will simply bounce off of it. SCP-2234-1 will perceive the form of life as dead but will not actually harm the life form. SCP-2234-1 is invulnerable to any and all forms of weapons. SCP-2234-1 can be disarmed by any human that has not yet been "stabbed" by SCP-2234-1. Any life form that has been stabbed by SCP-2234-1 will not longer perceive SCP-2234-1 and will simply pass through them if guided in the direction of SCP-2234-1.

SCP-2234 Test Log

Test 1
PRECAUTIONS: 2 armed guards
TEST: Give D-9874 SCP-2234 to create SCP-2234-1. Attempt to communicate with SCP-2234-1.
RESULTS: SCP-2234-1 took SCP-2234 and stuck it in his pocket, SCP-2234-1 took the SCP-2234 out of his pocket.(Now appears to be a rubber kitchen knife) SCP-2234-1 charged the armed guards but was disarmed and killed by the armed guards in the brawl. Cause of death: Cardiac arrest due to the guard hitting SCP-2234-1 in the heart with baton.
NOTES: When the guards attempted to fire their rifles at SCP-2234-1 both of the weapons jammed. The guns were serviced after the test and no mechanical reason for the jam was found.