VincentRipperdactyl's SCP Drafts

Item #: SCP-2XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2XXX's containment cell must not exceed 0°C and a cooling system is installed in the containment cell. If at any time a specimen of SCP-2XXX starts melting it must be moved to a Cryogenic Preservation Tank until it has frozen to a similar size to the size it was prior. If a specimen completely melts, all other specimens of SCP-2XXX must be moved to Cryogenic Preservation Tanks, and the liquid left by the melted specimen must be solidified and destroyed.

Description: SCP-2XXX are 13 masses of a substance with properties similar to H2O. SCP-2XXX are sapient, the objects can speak telepathically to other sentient beings. Each specimen speaks with a different voice, but they all share a calm, conserved personality.

SCP-2XXX-1 is approximately 3.7 meters tall and shaped like giant snowflakes stacked on top of one another. This specimen refers to itself as "King Constantine Fergus the First", and states to have lived on a island, which sunk after a devastating attack by an "Ice Dragon" that turned the civilians into ice, however SCP-2XXX-1 claims to have killed the beast, before becoming ice himself. All other specimens claim that SCP-2XXX-1 also encountered a smaller creature, that could emit electrical currents from its wings, yet SCP-2XXX-1 has no memories of such a creature.

SCP-2XXX-2 - SCP-2XXX-13 resemble ice drop jewellery in shape, and stand at around 1.3 meters tall. These specimens are the subordinates of SCP-2XXX-1. If SCP-2XXX-1 is harmed by another entity, the other specimens of SCP-2XXX will react by creating and firing spear shaped ice crystals, which although arn't fatal will cause extreme trauma, especially when in a liquid state.

The liquid state of SCP-2XXX behaves much differently than its solid state, The liquid is almost identical to water, but if anything touches the liquid, they feel an immense pain, the pain lasts for approximately 3 weeks, and although agonising, it neither effects the usability or durability of the person who felt it.