Section of fencing along the distortion boundary of SCP-3311.

Item #: SCP-3311

Object Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-3311 is to be surrounded on all sides by barbed-wire fencing that meets basic security standards for intrusion deterrence, with at least 100m of separation from the distortion boundary of SCP-3311. Standard ultra-bright floodlights are to be installed along the perimeter along with motion sensors to aid with site security. A single guardpost and temporary command center are to be stationed in the containment area to act as administration for Provisional Site-███, which constitutes the containment site of SCP-3311.

A security detachment of no less than ten (10) security personnel are to be on-site at all times for site security. No personnel are allowed to cross the distortion boundary of SCP-3311 without clearance from the Senior Researcher ██████████. Additionally, under no circumstances should any other SCP come within a 1km radius of SCP-3311 without clearance from the O5 Council.

Normal entry into and out of SCP-3311 is to be conducted by the use of air transport, in the form of a helicopter or other approved VTOL aircraft. All aircraft crossing the distortion boundary of SCP-3311 must have an altitude of at least 100m to prevent the anomalous effects of SCP-3311 from distorting the aircraft.

Description: SCP-3311 is a section of pasture fenced off with wire fencing that is a part of the █████████ Ranch, located near ███████, Texas. SCP-3311's average area is 2.3 km, and varies as a result of SCP-3311's spatial anomalous effect. A spatial distortion boundary exists along the entire fence line of SCP-3311 and is where the main effect is located. At a rate of exactly 0.5 Hz, the distortion boundary of SCP-3311 oscillates back and forth approximately 50cm in either direction, altering the internal area of SCP-3311 during the process. This distortion effect does not appear to destroy any physical objects located on the exterior of the boundary during expansion phase or located within the boundary during the compression phase. Rather, the distortion appears to stretch any objects located along the boundary. Through experimentation it has been determined that the distortion boundary does not extend any more than exactly 32.11m into the air, allowing objects to pass above the barrier and down into SCP-3311 without experiencing any distortion effects. The fence enclosing SCP-3311 does not experience any distortion effects itself and can be removed without any anomalous properties, for ease of experimentation.

SCP-3311 was discovered after local Foundation contacts stationed in ███████, Texas heard rumors of local inhabitants and livestock with exaggerated anatomical proportions, and the rumors were eventually traced to SCP-3311. The █████████ Ranch was bought by the Foundation and containment procedures were immediately enacted.

Observers on either side of the boundary do not note any visual effects of this distortion, and observers viewing SCP-3311 from above do not note any perceivable movement of the fence line along the distortion boundary or the movement of any objects within. Gases such as air do not appear to be affected by the distortion boundary of SCP-3311, and experiments involving a fan blowing from either side of the boundary into a wind sensor have detected cyclical changes in wind speed relative to the cyclic motion of SCP-3311's spatial distortion, similar to the Coriolis Effect that affects Earth's weather patterns. However, adiabatic heating and cooling processes have been confirmed by researchers through the use of a thermometer located within SCP-3311, via the detection of small but cyclical changes in ambient air temperature. The lack of any other indication of the distortion effect from observers not situated directly on the boundary has indicated a distortion of spacetime within SCP-3311 consistent with the expected behavior of 4th dimensional space.

Objects located with part of the object on either side of the barrier experience spatial distortions to their dimensions as they expand and contract in time with SCP-3311's oscillations. If removed from their position across the barrier during any part of the process, they will retain their new dimensions with no additional anomalous properties. Iterations of stretching or compressing objects this way by removing the objects from the boundary and replacing them only during the expansion or compression phases can theoretically stretch or compress an object to any dimensions. From either side of the distortion boundary the object being affected will appear to be stationary, only changing in dimensions by being stretched or compressed on the other side of the boundary. Aerial observations from above have noted that in fact the object is stationary on the outside edge of the boundary, and the distortions occur within SCP-3311.

Tests involving living organisms have not observed any pain or otherwise harmful effects as a result of spatial distortions. Internal organs and all functions of the organism appear to work normally regardless of to which degree the organism is stretched or compressed. However, difficulties with mobility have been noted for organisms whose anatomical features have been greatly exaggerated by the distortion effect, and the Foundation Ethics Committee has strictly forbidden any application of the distortion effect to living organisms for entertainment purposes.

Experimentation with D-Class personnel have shown that the distortion effect is not noticed by the subject except for a changing field of vision if the effect changes the position of the subject's eyes relative to each other, unless the subject is viewing affected parts of their anatomy. The distortion effect produces no pain and medical examination has found no other noticeable negative side effects for the subject after exposure to SCP-3311 other than various degrees of mental distress. Attempts to change the proportions of subjects back to normal after exposure have been very difficult to time properly, and in the best of cases the dimensions of affected personnel still vary by small amounts from their original proportions. Suicidal tendencies have been noted in subjects exposed to SCP-3311, but this not expected as a direct anomalous effect of SCP-3311 but rather a reaction of the subjects to their changed dimensions after exposure.

Testing with other SCPs has resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. After Incident #3311-1 by the order of the O5 Council no other SCP is allowed to come within a 1km radius of SCP-3311.

Note: A request to reclassify SCP-3311 as a Euclid class object after Incident #3311-1 has been denied on the basis that testing with other SCPs is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of any personnel who attempt to do so, as directed by the O5 Council.

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